Live wallpapers are one of the most salient aspects of Android customization. However, the majority of them are annoyingly obtrusive or too wearying for your phone’s processor in some cases. But what if I tell you there’s a new wallpaper app in town that reinvigorates your home screen with minimal appendages?

make any android wallpaper come alive with liven - liven demo

Meet Liven Live Wallpaper

Liven is an overlaying live wallpaper that enhances your existing background with levitating stars, particles, and snow effects. The app basically, adds a dynamic layer to your current wallpaper which you can obviously, customize with some additional patterns, filters, and settings. For me, the most prominent feature is the fact that it doesn’t feel unnecessarily complicated or teeming alike other offerings. It goes well with your rest of the setup which for some reason, isn’t a common sight anymore.

make any android wallpaper come alive with liven - liven demo 2

Once downloaded, fire up the Liven app to configure the live wallpaper. The app will automatically extract the current background, tap the little gear icon for customizing it. Scroll down to the bottom for changing the wallpaper and there are options if you’d want it to shuffle between multiple wallpapers for a “more dynamic experience” in a given time frame which can be anything from 5 minutes to a day. Lastly, click the “done” button on the app’s landing page.

Furthermore, Liven lets you choose from a range of particles (five in total), star patterns, and filters such as “bloom”, “bleach”, “b&w”, “vintage”, and more. However, to access these, you’ll have to opt in for the premium package that currently, costs INR 150. With the normal version, you’ll have to make peace with the default configurations.

Moreover, you can also set preferences for turning off these particles at night or darken them by a defined intensity and time period. Lastly, double tapping an empty spot on your home screen will change the filter automatically. Neat. In my brief usage, I found Liven to be indeed refreshing, I’ve been previously using Google’s official Wallpapers which was consuming a bit more battery life which isn’t the case with this one.

Liven Wallpaper is definitely worth a shot, so go ahead and give it a whirl by download from this link.

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