In the age of Fitbits, Apple Watches and a slew of other health and fitness accessories it becomes imperative to measure calories accurately. I must admit that there are a couple of apps like Calorie Counter which measure the calories by using machine learning and AI but apparently that’s not that accurate. It is for this reason that Panasonic has decided to bless the conscious eaters with a tabletop machine that would gauge the calories accurately.

panasonic caloreico will measure a meal's calories in 10 seconds - caloreico 1

Mistake not, the CaloRieco is not a machine you would tuck in your purse or your pocket, it, in fact, resembles a kitchen scale. Panasonic recently showcased the prototype of the CaloRieco. The gadget promises to measure calories along with the other Nutrition facts in just about 10 seconds. All one needs to do is open the lid and place their food inside the loading bay. Once done the user can initiate the process by using the touchscreen. Voila! In ten seconds or less, the machine will show all the nutrition details of the particular dish.

The information is broken down into carbs, fat, protein and others. The CaloRieco is connected to the cloud via the WiFi and needless to say all the date will be stored and displayed via the companion app. That being said Panasonic is keen on guarding the secret on how exactly the machine works. However, the company says that the CaloReico comes equipped with a weighing scale and uses an Infrared sensor to calculate the calories. Later on, the calories are counted against your daily calorie allowance in the app.

The most interesting part, however, is that Panasonic’s CaloReico can do all of this well within 10 seconds. Food labs end up taking longer time as they calculate the calories by ascertaining the heat it releases while burning it up. The Panasonic CaloReico is still in the concept stage, but the prototype looks interesting nevertheless.

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