There have been rumors about OnePlus teaming up with Walt Disney owned Star Wars franchise for a special limited-edition OnePlus 5T in the past, but today, at the ongoing Comic Con event in Bangalore, India, OnePlus officially teased the same. So we finally get to see how the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition looks.

And it’s not RED.

oneplus 5t star wars limited-edition might be exclusive to india - oneplus 5t star wars

This special edition OnePlus 5T comes in gorgeous white color on the back with red accents for the alert slider. As you would expect, there is also a Star Wars logo etched in red on the back. We didn’t get to see the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition phone in person, but OnePlus played a teaser video at the event. As per our sources, the phone is expected to launch on December 16th, a day after Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets released.

It looks like the partnership is specific to India between OnePlus India and Disney India and hence the Star Wars Special edition OnePlus 5T might only be sold here. Also, there will be very few units to grab, as little as 15,000 if our sources are right. But the phone will be available for sale both online and offline.

Although OnePlus stopped short of providing any additional details, we can expect the Star Wars special edition OnePlus 5T to cost a bit more than the normal OnePlus 5T, much like what happened with few special edition OnePlus 3Ts earlier. We also expect the phone to come only in 8GB RAM/128GB ROM variant.

oneplus 5t star wars limited-edition might be exclusive to india - oneplus 5t comiccon

The special edition OnePlus 5T is expected to carry lots of Star Wars effects built into the software. We got to wait and see for what exactly that will be. We expect a launch event of sorts to happen in Mumbai two weeks from now on 16th of December where we should finally get to see the phone along with more details regarding the special features and pricing of the same.

What do you think about the white ‘special edition’ OnePlus 5T? And would you like to see the Red variant of OnePlus 5T which was launched in China a few days back? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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