I have been using a Google Chromecast for quite some time, and I must admit that apart from minor niggles, the experience has mostly been smooth so far. I use my Android and iOS devices to stream content to a TV via a Chromecast 2. All was fine until last week. My WiFi network was being pulled down for some reason and this mostly happened when I tried to cast content via the Chromecast. After bothering myself with a series of troubleshoots, I (mistakenly) put the blame on my WiFi router.

google chromecast and google max are crashing wifi networks - google home

The problem ended up being persistent, and this lead me to do a quick Google search. I learned on Reddit that I am not the only one facing this issue and many others had similar WIFi drop issues. The Reddit thread confirmed that the problem not a one-off and caused temporary WiFi drops. Initially, some of the users had traced the issue to TP-Link routers, but the theory has been debunked by users, especially since routers of other makes are also being affected in a similar fashion.

Strangely enough, the WiFi network drop issue was solved ever since I disconnected the Chromecast 2 to from my Home WiFI network. In the meanwhile, some of the Redditor’s are suspecting that the Android phone with the latest Oreo update is causing the issue. Even this theory is not watertight since I have been personally facing the issue even with my iPhone 7.

TP-Link has already tried addressing this issue with a new beta firmware update, but apparently, this too has failed to a large extent. The issue has already been reported to Google, and the company is working on it. The only way I could get the network up and run is by restarting the router several times. As a last resort, I also formatted the Google Chromecast 2 but in vain.

Solutions for Google Home/Max/Chromecast Killing WiFi Network

After a few and hits and misses (and skimming through the Google Forum posts) some of the solutions did work. The best thing to do in such a case is to alienate your Google Chromecast or Home Max from the primary WiFi network. What I mean to say is create a separate 5GHz (disable the 2.4GHz) network for Google devices. If you don’t have a spare router, you can also use a mobile hotspot for the same.

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