Dear darlings at TechPP,

When I signed up to write for TechPP, you folks told me that my job was to cover gossip in the tech world. To come out with information that was not available through official channels – the leaks (I still do not like the term…it is so…urinary), the rumors (which are actually different from leaks), the job movements and so on. And well, for a few months I have been trying to do that.

fed up of "official leaks," tech auntyji resigns - tech auntyji resign

However, I really do not think that you need me anymore and therefore would like to submit my resignation. This has nothing to do with you folks, really. You have all been so sweet to me, you know, and so patient with an old woman who does not know too much about technology.

No, my problem is with those darlings at the tech companies. You know, the ones who are in charge of communications. They seem to have taken over the job of leaking information, so now all leaks are so to say, official. I mean, there is someone like me who goes about trying to pick up talk in street corners and in stores to get information, only for the company itself to give the SAME damn information out officially. What IS the point of my existence, I ask you?

I felt this ever so keenly when those sweethearts at OnePlus kept leaking out details of their phone (was it the 5?), never once thinking how their revelations would affect the life of poor rumor mongers like me. And now, now we have about four major launches coming up in the next few days…and you know what, apart from the price, everyone seems to know everything. Because the companies themselves are handing out the information even while pretending it is confidential. Oh, it breaks my heart when I see you coming back from a so-called “confidential briefing” so happy that you have been taken into the company’s confidence. No, you haven’t, darlings. That information will come out in public soon – from a person or people that the company will not try to restrict.

And that is what hurts, darlings. There are times when I have come to you with information from my sources and you have refused to carry it because of some “embargo” that you, my colleagues, have signed with the company and you feel carrying rumors breaks your word of honour in some way. So old fashioned, sweeties. And so silly. Because you know something? The damn companies will give out that same information that you are trying to protect to someone else and let them publicize it. Or even better, some of them will start tweeting out the very information they made you sign an embargo on their official Twitter handles? “We cannot share pictures of the product,” you tell me, citing some document you signed. And one day later, the company shares the picture of the SAME product on its official channel and you know what – you STILL stick to that embargo.

Why these double standards, sweethearts? Why does MY work have to be stopped by some embargo that you darlings have signed with all the goodness of your hearts when the same information can be used freely by others? You do not really need someone like me, in that case, who ferrets out information. Just sit back and wait – the company itself will come out and give you the information.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I would like to bid goodbye to you all. As I said, it is nothing to do with you – it is just that secrets and rumors now seem to have become official. Why would you opt to go with unconfirmed information from me when the brands themselves will give you (or someone else) the information?

A last word of advice, darlings? Sign all the embargoes you want – just make sure the companies sign one too, promising not to themselves reveal information that they want you to keep mum about.

So long, sweeties.

Lots of love,
Meows and means,
Tech Auntyji

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