Seven Celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iPhone instead

Selling one phone, sold on the iPhone

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Celebrities have been endorsing tech products ever since tech moved out of the labs and went mainstream. But the thing with celebrity endorsements is that there is always a cloud of doubt about whether they are actually using the product or just appearing to do so in front of the cameras as part of a commercial deal (or For a Few Dollars More, as they would say in Hollywood). The latest to have been caught using the “wrong” device while endorsing the right one was Wonder Woman herself. Gal Godot recently tweeted “Say hello to my new mate” referring to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro on her official Twitter account. All of which seemed endorsement business as usual until a small message on the Tweet was spotted – “via Twitter for iPhone.”

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - gal gadot huawei


While Gadot herself is trying to wash her hands off the Mate 10 Pro’s blood, she might feel better knowing that she is not the first one to have been caught cheating on an endorsed device with an iPhone. Here are seven instances where celebrities were endorsing one device but were “actually” caught using an iPhone:

Alicia Keys – Ditching them BlackBerry keys for touch!

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - alicia keys bb

When it launched BlackBerry 10 in 2013, the company announced that pop icon Alicia Keys was its new Global Creative Director. Smart move, considering the popularity that Keys enjoyed and the audience BlackBerry was trying to reach. Unfortunately, Keys was caught with her BlackBerry pants down, when she tweeted “Started from the bottom now were here!” on Feb 11, 2013. What seemed like a normal tweet, however, became evidence of Keys’ unfaithfulness towards the brand she was endorsing all because of a small message accompanying the tweet saying “via Twitter for iPhone.” The pop star later tried to justify the act by tweeting “what the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I’ve been hacked….I like @Drake, but that wasn’t my tweet ☹”. Yeah, right.

Ellen DeGeneres – Samsung on stage, Apple backstage

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - ellen

She started the selfie culture with her epic Oscars selfie in 2014, but the comedienne was in no mood to laugh when she was caught cheating her Samsung phone at the very same event. It was the night of the Oscars in 2014, sponsored by Samsung, where all night on stage DeGeneres was seen flaunting a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but was caught using an iPhone backstage and even uploaded a selfie with it. The proof (?) – a selfie with Channing Tatum that she posted on Twitter, and with it came the same villain of all these stories: “via Twitter for iPhone.”

Jessica Alba – Endorsing Windows, biting Apple

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - jessica alba

Many were impressed when Microsoft chose Hollywood star Jessica Alba to endorse its Windows Phone (remember that?) in 2013. However, things went a little down south when the actress was spotted at New York Fashion Week using what looked very much like an iPhone. She was also photographed snapping the models with what clearly seemed an iPhone 5. (Image source: Getty Images/ Stephen Lovekin)

Sania Mirza – Never Settling with a OnePlus?

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - sania oneplus

She might be a star on the tennis court but Sania Mirza served a big double fault on Twitter while endorsing the OnePlus 3T. In a tweet on 17 May 2017, Mirza said “Not rly a techie, but totally <3 using the OnePlus 3T the past few months. More in my story” along with a link to it. But the tennis star received a mean backhand when people noticed something strange about the tweet. For with it came those devilish words: “via Twitter for iPhone.”

David Beckham – Bending it towards the iPhone

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - david beckham

The master of free kicks in football is a bit of an old hand when it comes to gadget doublespeak. The football star has endorsed Motorola in 2009 and Samsung in, but both times was found using an iPhone. In 2009, Becks was spotted having lunch in a Milan restaurant alone, but instead of a Moto device accompanying him (because he was endorsing it, duh!) the star player was caught red-handed with an iPhone (Picture credits: Splash News). History repeated itself in 2012 only with a different brand this time. Beckham was chosen to be Samsung’s global brand ambassador during the 2012 London Olympics but was again photographed using an iPhone. Just give him a contract already, Apple!

Katrina Kaif – Love your selfie…and your iPhone

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - katrina

Xiaomi for the first time in India decided to go with a celebrity endorsement when it launched the selfie-centric Redmi Y1 in early 2018. Endorsing the product was Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif. The brand released a full-fledged 30-second ad where Kaif was shown taking selfies with the smartphone. But which smartphone was she really using? For, in the initial edition of the ad, we saw an Instagram screen that clearly seemed to have more Cupertino than China about it. Of course, it was removed later, but for ever so short a time, the actress was caught using the real Apple while endorsing the Chinese one!

Oprah Winfrey – Surface on surface, iPad underneath

seven celebs who endorsed a device, but were caught using an iphone instead - oprah surface

All right, so this is not really about the iPhone but its larger twin, the iPad. The legendary talk show host was caught on her wrong tech foot in 2012, when she was openly professing her love for the Microsoft Surface, tweeting she had already bought twelve devices as Christmas gifts, adding a “favoritething” hashtag for good measure. This might have made some people believe that she actually loved the Microsoft Surface, had it not been for the evil message that has been to known to ruin many onscreen tech love affairs – “via Twitter for iPad.”

(Nimish Dubey contribute to this article)

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