Huawei has been filing quite a few patents of late, the previous one being a technology to create a bezel-less front on smartphones. The latest patent from Huawei coming to light is one that allows you to store your wireless headphones on your smartwatch.

Wireless earphones have been gaining a lot of popularity, thanks to disappearing headphone jacks on phones in recent times. The issue, however, is the storage of these earphones as they need to be put into a separate case and carried separately. Huawei seems to be trying to fix that by allowing you to house your headphones right on your wrist. Huawei isn’t new to the smartwatch sector as one of the most sold WearOS watches even to date is the Huawei Watch 2.

huawei patents smartwatch with ability to store wireless earbuds - huawei smartwatch patent earbuds

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, the patent showcases multiple ways in which the earbuds can be housed on the smartwatch. The headphones can either be magnetically attached to the watch band securely or use a capsule with a spring mechanism which will open and close shut with a snap whenever the earbuds have to be stored or removed. The earbuds are rumored to be water resistant, letting you use them in the gym or in the rains, and is said to come with active noise cancellation as well, similar to what we’ve heard about from the rumors of Apple’s second-generation AirPods. It could also come with features to let you increase the volume or answer calls directly from the earbuds.

The patents might give us a hint towards what the Huawei Watch 3 could look like. Huawei also patented a gaming smartwatch recently which allowed users to use multiple gestures on the watch band as well as on the body of the watch to enable movement of characters or you can also attach a virtual keyboard to the strap. While it’s too soon to assume the patent might come to reality soon, it’s good to see Huawei trying out something different and heading in the right direction on the convenience front.

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