If you use a Fitbit smartwatch or a tracker, you may need to reset it at some point, perhaps because it’s exhibiting some issues or you want to sell it. Although Fitbit has a pretty straightforward process to reset its devices, the steps to do it depend entirely on the model of the smartwatch or tracker you own.

how to reset a fitbit

Below we’ll share the instructions to reset different Fitbit smartwatches and trackers to make your life easier.

How to Reset a Fitbit Charge 5, Inspire 3, and Luxe

fitbit charge 5
IMAGE: Fitbit

Fitbit Charge 5 is the company’s latest offering featuring the best health and fitness tracking functionalities. Meanwhile, the Inspire 3, with its smaller form factor, caters to the needs of passive users, while the Luxe is a fashion-forward tracker with a polished design and a few exclusive features.

Here are the steps to factory reset these devices:

  1. Swipe down on the clock screen.
  2. Scroll down to find the Settings app and tap on it.
  3. Swipe up until you find Device Info and tap it.
  4. Again, swipe up and select Clear User Data.
  5. Finally, tap and hold the Hold 3 sec button to perform the reset.

How to Reset a Fitbit Charge 3 and Charge 4

Fitbit’s Charge 3 and Charge 4 are the predecessors to the Charge 5. At large, both have a pretty similar design and a monochrome display, but the Charge 4 gets a few extra features like the built-in GPS and NFC functionality for Fitbit Pay, which still make it a solid choice for those who don’t want to splurge too much on a fitness tracker.

fitbit charge 4
IMAGE: Fitbit

Similar to the Charge 5, the factory reset process for the Charge 3 and Charge 4 is also pretty simple. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your Charge 3 or Charge 4.
  2. Select About.
  3. Tap on Clear User Data or Factory Reset.

How to Reset a Fitbit Inspire, Inspire HR, and Inspire 2

fitbit inspire 2
IMAGE: Fitbit

Fitbit’s older Inspire lineup, the likes of Inspire, Inspire 2, and Inspire HR, are popular among many people, but they’re a little dated and lack some essential features. If you own one and wish to reset it, perhaps because you want to update to a newer model, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open Settings on your Fitbit.
  2. Select the Clear User Data option.
  3. When prompted, press and hold the screen for 3 seconds and release.

Fitbit Inspire 2 users must deactivate Tile before erasing their Fitbit.

How to Reset a Fitbit Ionic, Sense, or Versa

fitbit versa 4
IMAGE: Fitbit

Fitbit’s smartwatch portfolio constitutes three series: Ionic, Sense, and Versa. While the company discontinued the production of Ionic in 2020, customers can still choose between Sense and Versa smartwatches based on their preferences.

Both series are sleeker, more modern-looking, and pack all the essential health and tracking features, with the Sense offering a few extra features, such as ECG and EDA.

Fitbit Ionic, Sense, and Versa series users can reset their devices using the following steps:

  1. Press the side button to view the apps list and tap on Settings. Alternatively, swipe down from the clock screen and select Settings (with the gear icon).
  2. Scroll down and go to About.
  3. Lastly, tap on Factory Reset.

Wipe Your Fitbit Clean

Factory resetting your Fitbit completely removes all apps, data, and other information saved on the device. On devices that support contactless payments, this also includes all payment information, along with your credit card and debit card details.

If you own an older Fitbit device—not on this list like the Flex or Surge—you won’t find a reset option on your device. Hence, to wipe your data off of it, you simply need to disconnect it from your Fitbit account, and it’ll clear everything from the device and reset it to factory settings.

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