HP’s Spectre line of computers has remained at the forefront of the ongoing, experimental PC age. But with its latest offering, the Spectre Folio, the company is trying something new which it believes can “reinvent the PC”. While that hyperbole is just HP being HP, the new Spectre Folio is a rather interesting product.

hp hopes to "reinvent the pc" with its new leather-coated spectre folio - hp spectre folio

And that may not be apparent when you behold it the first time. The HP Spectre Folio is wrapped with a leather exterior which sure, is not groundbreaking. But unlike others, it’s not simply a case. The leather coat is integrated with how the Spectre Folio is engineered. The edges around the keyboard, the trackpad are all leather. But the most intriguing aspect here is the convertible’s skeleton magnesium frame which is attached to the leather exterior allowing you to fold it around like a magazine.

When closed, the leather stitching and material make the Spectre Folio seem like a book. Open it and you’re, first of all, greeted with the traditional laptop mode. Pull the display forward and it slots itself in the media mode. And in that position, if you push the screen down, you’ve got yourself a powerful tablet. The essence of this design lies in the two-part rear which bends around with the help of magnets for a seamless switching.

In spite of this new design, the Spectre Folio is no slouch when it comes to internals. Inside, there’s an Intel i5 or i7 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, and a battery which promises to keep the laptop up and running for a staggering eighteen hours. The touchscreen is a 13.3-inch panel with either a 1080p or 4K resolution.

However, the spec which I feel will truly allow HP to push the Spectre Folio ahead of its peers is the price. It starts at just $1,299 for the i5 variant and for a hundred bucks, you get the i7 processor. There’s also an LTE variant which features the Core i7 chip and is priced at $1499. Pricing for the 4K option will be announced later.

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