JBL is one of the more established brands when it comes to audio equipment, be it speakers or headphones, the Harman owned brand has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality products. Let’s take a look at a pair of sporty earphones from JBL, the Endurance Run, and tell you if it is indeed worth your money.

jbl endurance run sports earphones review - looks unique, sounds mainstream - jbl

The JBL Endurance Run is a pair of in-ear style headphones which focuses on providing a tight grip when worn so as to prevent slipping out of your ears while performing intensive activities like running or jogging or exercising in the gym. They’re also sweatproof so having them on while you’re busy burning calories shouldn’t cause any issues. The earplugs themselves are soft to touch and feel like they’re made of rubber or silicone and feel much more premium than a regular plastic construction.

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The ear tips are removable and can be changed as per your preferred size from the small, medium and large options provided within the package. The buds are also angled to ensure a tight fit. The rear side of the buds sports the JBL branding along with a pair of magnets which can be used to attach the two earbuds together when not in use. Also, thanks to the unique design, the earphones can be worn in two different ways – the first one being how you would wear a normal set of earphones. Second, from behind your ear which gives you an extra secure fit.

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JBL has used the same soft-touch material in the construction of the wire too, however, due to the absence of a flat-style cable, the earphones get tangled up more often than you would want them to when stuffed into your pockets or a backpack. The 3.5mm connector is angled and gold plated which is a nice touch. There is an inline microphone with a push button to play/pause music but the button itself is extremely mushy and hard to press. The microphone quality is average which brings me to the inference that if you make a lot of phone calls using earphones, the JBL Endurance Run is not for you.

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Speaking about the most important aspect, the audio quality on these earphones, being sports or action-oriented, the bass is heavy on the Endurance Run and if you listen to a lot of EDM or hip-hop, you will be pleased with the sound output. The vocals, however, are not that clear meaning if you listen to songs with lots of vocals or audiobooks or podcasts, you’ll not have the best experience. The volume on these earphones is adequate but if you listen to music at extremely loud volumes then the Endurance Run isn’t the best option out there. That said, the overall sound quality isn’t too shabby, but it surely could’ve been better for the asking price.

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The JBL Endurance Run will run down your bank balance (pun intended) by Rs. 1,349 in India (or $16 in the US) and is available in multiple funky colors including Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Teal, and can be purchased from the company’s website or through Amazon India. For the asking price, the JBL Endurance Run is a nice pair of sports earphones if that’s what you’re looking for, as not a lot of earphones in this segment come with a sweat-resistant design or a behind-the-ear fit. If you’re just looking for a regular pair of earphones without these attributes, you can also take a look at Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 SonicFuel Edition which has a much better sound signature. If you’re strictly looking for sports/activity oriented earphones, the JBL Endurance Run is an option you can surely consider.

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