An Australian startup, Nuheara, has officially announced its third pair of truly-wireless earbuds, called the IQbuds MAX, at this year’s CES, following the success of its IQbuds BOOST. The earbuds are specifically targeted for those with low to moderate hearing loss and do an amazing job of reducing the surrounding noise to make it easier to listen to what’s important. According to the company, the IQbuds Max is the first pair of intelligent earbuds that comes with active noise cancellation and takes advantage of Nuheara’s Ear ID app to calibrate the earbuds.

nuheara's iqbuds max provides intelligent hearing assistance and comes with active noise cancellation -

Comparing with the IQbuds BOOST launched last year, the IQbuds MAX comes with five times more advanced digital signal processing and involve three microphones that help to process and analyze sound on both the inside and outside of the ear. In addition to that, the other interesting change with the new pair of earbuds is that addition of active noise cancellation. Though the idea behind adding active noise cancelling on a pair of earbuds designed to aid in hearing the outside world better may seem weird, it actually works by enhancing the sound to provide better hearing experience. And in case, you decide on not using the active noise cancellation, you can disable it by tapping on the earbuds. The battery life on these earbuds is pretty good, with around 32 hours of hearing assistance and 20 hours of audio playback. And for charging, the company has included a case that charges these earbuds and doubles as a storing case.

nuheara's iqbuds max provides intelligent hearing assistance and comes with active noise cancellation -

In addition to just the earbuds, Nuheara is also announcing its IQstream TV at the event this year, which is essentially an adapter that works along with the IQbuds MAX and the IQbuds BOOST to provide better hearing experience from the TV. To do this, the audio from the TV is sent directly to the earbuds and in no way does it affect the volume of the TV. Using the adapter also provides the ability to change the volume level of the earbud irrespective of the volume on the TV, that way, users can adjust the volume on their earbuds to simultaneously listen to the sound from the TV and any ongoing conversation in the room, without causing problems to other people.

Nuheara IQbuds MAX Specifications and Features

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation to reduce outside noise
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing to better analyze and process sounds on both inside and outside the ear
  • Ear ID app to create a profile of your listening habits by intelligently assessing your hearing behavior
  • A 9.2 mm driver to improve the sound quality, especially the bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • A case for charging and storing
  • Up to 32 hours of hearing assistance and 20 hours of audio playback

Nuheara IQbuds MAX Pricing

There’s no official word from Nuheara on the pricing of the IQbuds MAX. However, they’ve hinted that the price for these new earbuds would be higher than the previous IQbuds model, the BOOST, which is priced at around $499. So it wouldn’t be wrong to anticipate the price for these new earbuds to sit somewhere between $500-$600.

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