Technology has come a long way. From the introduction of the notch on a display (for achieving a higher screen-to-body ratio and accommodating the front-camera) – to shrinking down its size to barely an inch – to introducing the pop-up mechanism (to get rid of the notch) or punch-hole displays – we thought we had seen everything, until today, when two of the major Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Oppo and Xiaomi, showcased their under-display camera technology.

oppo and xiaomi show-off their cool under-display camera tech - oppo xiaomi under display camera

Earlier today, Oppo VP, Brian Shen, posted a short video on Weibo, with a notch-less smartphone lying on a desk, the camera on which, after being opened, shows a white circular ring around what could be the location of the front-facing camera under the display, followed by a live view of the room’s ceiling. Further, to increase the credibility, the demonstrator hovered their finger over the part of the smartphone where the front-camera is allegedly situated. As of now, the video has also been shared by Oppo on their official twitter handle to spread the word to the masses.

In another development, Xiaomi has also teased a video of their under-display camera technology. The video shows the demonstrator with two smartphones, of which the one on the right has a notch on the top, whereas, the other on the left, has a notch-less display. The demonstrator then goes ahead and unlocks both the smartphones and keeps aside the one on the right (with a notch). Further, they open an app, followed by the camera app, and switch to the front camera and click a selfie.

From what appears to be a leap ahead in technology, it is currently just a prototype for both the companies to demonstrate their potential. And it might take further improvements and refinements until the technology makes its way to a smartphone, meant for the masses. Irrespective of the time that it would take these companies to come up with a perfected technology, the one thing that shouts-out, is the fact that the pop-up mechanisms (currently used to get rid of the notch) that have a mechanical, motorized front-camera, popping-out as soon as the camera is initiated, could be replaced by an under-display camera, which would in-turn get rid of the wear-and-tear caused otherwise and make the smartphone less fragile.

“At this stage, it’s difficult for under-display cameras to match the same results as normal cameras, there’s bound to be some loss in optical quality. But, no new technology jumps to perfection right away.” – said Brian Shen in a follow-up post.

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