The eCommerce market in India is growing at a rapid pace and was stated to be around $38.5 billion in 2018. While that’s an impressive figure considering it was just $24 billion in 2017, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales in China last year was a whopping $38 billion. The Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales touched a record $16.6 billion in 2019. As you can see, it’s still a long way to go for the Indian eCommerce market.

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The primary reason for those big-ticket sales during Singles Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the deep discounting which happens across categories in these two countries – China and the US respectively. It’s a massive opportunity for people to get the products they have been eyeing for at dirt cheap prices during these sales. While a lot of global brands are making their way to the Indian market, the quality and pricing along with the sheer scale are unmatched when you purchase in those countries. So if you are in India and want to buy from these global brands, what are your options? One, to ping and beg that distant cousin who hasn’t been in touch for years. Or two, using Parcel Forwarding Services.

Buyandship – A Reliable Parcel Forwarding Service for India

Parcel forwarding or package forwarding service is an international shipping service offered by shipping companies to international online shoppers who want to do cross-border online shopping. While there has been a sudden surge in package forwarding services in India, a reliable and trustworthy service to consider is

shop and ship products for cheap from other countries to india with buyandship - buyandship india

Buyandship has been in the parcel forwarding business since 2014 with over 650,000 customers globally shopping from ten different countries – Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Australia, Italy, Thailand, China, and Taiwan. Buyandship handles over 5000 parcels a day and has handled over 2.5 million parcels since 2014.

Why choose

  • Unlike many other parcel forwarding services who charge ~US$45 as one-time registration fee, there are no registration charges on Buyandship.
  • Just register as a Buyandship member and obtain addresses in ten countries. Its US warehouse is located in Oregon State so you don’t have to pay US sales tax either.
  • The whole process of ordering from your favorite eCommerce site and forwarding to Buyandship is pretty seamless.
  • Delivery fee is based on the actual weight of each parcel and not volumetric weight like other services charge.
  • It has a super competitive standard shipping rate of $6 per lb (pound). Many services charge a higher rate for the first pound.
  • Customers can consolidate multiple packages into one and save on the shipping fee.
  • Packages can be stored in their Hong Kong warehouse for 30 days for consolidation for free.
  • Buyandship’s local courier partner, Aramex will also help you with customs clearance.
  • Most importantly, every new member will receive US$5 free shipping credits, while member can also earn an extra US$5 reward by referring friends and family members to use the service.

shop and ship products for cheap from other countries to india with buyandship - buyandship addresses

The parcels can be tracked fully end-to-end with an average delivery time of 4-9 working days from the arrival to the warehouse. Buyandship also has a frequent stream of updates regarding the latest deals on different eCommerce sites in the country of your interest.

Buyandship has its headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices in Taiwan and Malaysia with over 108 employees across these three offices and its overseas warehouses. Key investors include Infinity Venture Partners and SQ Capital. They raised US$ 2.2 million in pre-Series B funding last year (2019).

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