These days, getting a good Bluetooth with ANC is likely to set you back by anything in the vicinity of Rs 10,000 at the very least. So imagine getting two very good Bluetooth earphones, one of them an ANC headphone, for a combined price of less than Rs 12,000. Oh, and they are from Sennheiser, one of the best brands in audio!

2 awesome sennheiser bluetooth earphones for less than rs 12,000 [deal] - sennheiser deal

We kid you not. The Sennheiser HD 4.5 BT SE headphones with ANC and the Sennheiser Momentum Free wireless earbuds (Review) are being sold at the time of writing on Amazon for as little as a combined price of Rs 11,999. (the deal is available to Prime members at the time of writing, but there are a number of those around and Prime itself does not cost that much!)

That’s a massive discount – the HD 4.5 BT SE retail for Rs 14,990 and the Momentum free for about Rs 14,999 officially. Both of them do get discounts from time to time, but anyway you look at it, you are getting two very pieces of personal audio equipment at lesser than the official price of one! On its page, Amazon claims that anyone who avails of the deal will be saving about Rs 14,000 as compared to buying them separately!

Yes, neither of them is the newest in tech town. In fact, both have been around for a few years. But then the good thing about audio equipment is that unlike phones and computers, it tends to age well. Hey, folks in the studios are STILL using the Audio Technica ATH-M50X which is almost six years old. And both these products, while a little on the older side, have got rave reviews in their own right.

The Sennheiser HD 4.5 BT SE remains one of the best headphones out there for anyone who is looking to experience ANC without spending the sort of money that a high-end Sony or requires. The HD 4.5 BT comes with very comfortable ear cups that provide a decent amount of isolation and Sennheiser’s Noise Gard noise cancellation technology. Battery life is a very impressive nineteen hours, and there is a cable that lets you connect the headphones to the audio even when you run out of battery. Controls are a little fiddly, but the sound quality is downright awesome – very balanced and very clear, although those who are crazy about bass at high volumes might find it a little on the quiet side. But if it is great sound you seek, you will not be disappointed.

2 awesome sennheiser bluetooth earphones for less than rs 12,000 [deal] - sennheiser amazon deal

The Momentum Free, of course, comes from Sennheiser’s signature Momentum series of earphones. Sound quality, therefore, is exceptional and among the best you can get in a pair of earphones below Rs 10,000, with a slightly more punchy bass than you normally associate with Sennheiser. It comes with a number of ear adapters for a snug fit and a very good microphone, making call quality spot on. The six-hour battery life might seem a little low by modern standards but on the flip side, you have an incredibly clean and elegantly understated design, as well as the ability to connect to two devices at the same time. We would shave

Basically, for Rs 11,999, you are getting a pair of over the ear headphones with ANC and a pair of in-ear earphones. Both with the excellent sound quality from one of the most respected names in audio. The deal is due to end later today, but it does tend to come back so keep your eyes open. Your ears will thank you for it!

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Update: The deal (and the deal page) isn’t available anymore.

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