Anyone setting up a small business is told to set up analytics for the website or the app. The usual recommendation is either the popular web analytics tool, Google Analytics, or heat mapping tools like Hotjar. What if we tell you there’s something better for most people? Meet HockeyStack. It is a no-code analytics tool that tracks every action of your visitors, enables you to define custom actions, and presents all the data on an easy-to-understand dashboard.


Before we go ahead, let’s understand the complexities involved with analytics and optimizations.

Google Analytics can be a powerful tool for monitoring and improving your website’s performance, but it requires that you first set up a lot of features and understand their use. This is an enormous problem for small business owners, who often lack time to manage their own analytics. In addition, these analytics packages are often difficult to set up, forcing website owners to invest in third-party services that will handle the setup and monitoring for them. The result is that many business owners pay more than they should for their analytics and end up with less information than they need.

Heatmapping tools like Hotjar promise to help you create better-looking sites that are easier to navigate. But what they often provide is a bunch of confusing data with little concrete advice on what you should do with it. Worst of all, they make you feel like you do not measure up to the competition, even if your site is perfectly fine to visitors. They only tell you where your audience is clicking. Of course, it’s important to know that, but it’s also important to understand why they’re clicking there!

HockeyStack, the new no-code analytics tool, promises to address both the limitations and aims to provide you access to key insights about how your visitors interact with your site. The tool lets you create custom events that feed into any number of metrics, including conversions, time on site, and bounce rates – all without writing a single line of code.

hockeystack: the no-code analytics with actionable insights - hockeystack dashboard

The primary reason for anyone to consider HockeyStack is its simplicity, without actually compromising on what you can achieve. Unlike Mixpanel and Hotjar (which are great tools in their own right), it’s literally a single line of script to integrate, and you are done. The script is small and fast. With the upcoming Google web vitals update, you don’t have to worry about your analytics code slowing down your website.

The GDPR-compliant tool works with any website, regardless of the page’s content or the site’s location. You can use it on your personal portfolio site, a company site, a blog – even a service site. And you don’t have to be an experienced developer to use it. The only prerequisite is knowing how to sign up for an account on HockeyStack’s website and define what your goals are.

Step by Step User Journey

HockeyStack automatically collects and analyzes every scroll, click, video view, and search. You can then filter your users by and/or session properties, countries, initial pages, devices, and much more. Just click on an action to see its type, date, and selector. Tracking starts the moment you integrate.

Conversion Goals

This is one of the highlighting features of HockeyStack. Goals help you to understand whether a visitor is engaged on your site and convert him to a customer. But setting up a goal is a complex task on Google Analytics. Even other simpler tools ask you to code each action one by one. But that’s not the case with HockeyStack. You can create specific conversion goals with no-code seconds and start tracking them in minutes. You can even filter your visitors by a goal to find out what else they did on your website, which can help you with formulating other upsells.

Visual Funnels

Create beautiful visual funnels with your marketing campaigns, pages, and conversions to understand where your visitors drop off and see how much time they spend on each step of your funnel. HockeyStack makes it really easy to understand your website’s conversion issues, optimize them, and win.

Improved privacy with cookieless tracking

HockeyStack has recently introduced the cookieless tracking feature. By default, new users of HockeyStack will be using the cookieless version for tracking visitors. Unlike other ‘free’ analytics tools, HockeyStack won’t track visitors outside your website/app. No wonder it is GDPR compliant, unlike Google Analytics or other popular analytics tools.

Dashboard sharing

If you are running an agency with paying clients, HockeyStack is the best tool for you. You can create a dashboard for your clients and share it in a single click so they can track their website’s analytics. There are no limits on how many users you can add to your dashboard, and each dashboard can be customized based on specific clients’ needs. Of course, you can set a password to each dashboard to keep it safe from unwanted prying eyes.

Top accuracy

HockeyStack excludes all bots from tracking and performs regular cross-checks with other tools to keep your data as accurate as possible. You can use an IP blocklist to clean up your data further. In recent times, some web browsers have started to block Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other heavy analytics scripts, thereby skewing your analytics data. The data from HockeyStack (now with cookieless tracking) will be much more accurate.

Fast and Reliable insights

Some analytics tools provide session replays. If you use them, you need to watch these ten videos to understand why the other 990 didn’t convert. You’re spending a lot of time just making an assumption. Most heatmaps can only show you where the mouse happened to land (even if the visitor is scrolling). Some people argue that these tools are only insightful in theory, but in practice, they only waste your time. HockeyStack promises to get fast and reliable insights from all the 1000 visitors with no-code in an easy-to-understand way. No more guesses.

The same holds good for marketing campaigns. Say you are running an e-commerce store and you see that most of your converting customers are from the United States, use their phones to shop from your website, and come from Twitter, you would want to focus on this customer segment. That’s what reliable insights look like.


HockeyStack offers a free 7-day trial without the need for a credit card. If you are impressed and decide to subscribe to one of the plans (more on them later), you still have 30 days to test and ask for a refund.

hockeystack: the no-code analytics with actionable insights - hockeystack pricing

There are four different aptly named plans to choose from – Start, Accelerate, Boost and Dominate. The starter plan costs $24 per month for two domains and 50k pageviews. The next one is Accelerate plan for $49 a month for ten domains and 500k pageviews. The Boost plan will cost $79 a month for unlimited domains and 1.5M pageviews. You can contact them for custom pricing if you run an agency and want unlimited domains with unlimited pageviews. Thankfully, all plans get all the features, with the differences being in the number of domains and pageviews only.

HockeyStack might be new in the web analytics space, but they have big plans in tow. We know that by looking at their roadmap. This includes plugins for WordPress and Shopify, weekly mail reports, PDF export, and more. They are already good enough to take on the big ones, and they will be a name to reckon with in the future.

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