Music has many flavors. But depending on the style of music you prefer, you have limited freedom to customize your music experience.

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In most cases, the easiest way to achieve this is to purchase appropriate hardware or use software to modify the sound. Of the two, while the former clearly has an upper edge, it comes at a significantly high price—literally. And therefore, using a sound enhancer app — not an equalizer — to customize the sound to your preference is a rather better option.

But unfortunately, with this too, there’s a caveat: it’s hard to find good sound-tweaking software. This is where Global Delight’s Boom 3D app for macOS and Windows, with an extensive suite of audio enhancement features, comes into the picture.

Let’s dive in to find out how and learn more about Boom 3D.

What Is Boom 3D?

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Boom 3D is an audio enhancement app from Global Delight: a brand based in India with a varied portfolio of apps across music, photography, and video verticals.

As the name suggests, Boom 3D brings you the experience of listening to your favorite tracks (or any other media like movies, music, or games) with different 3D effects on any pair of headphones or speakers. So no matter what headphones or speakers you use—Bluetooth or otherwise—you can experience 3D sound effects without having to splurge money on expensive gear.

Not just that, the software also offers several built-in audio effects to listen to music in different atmospheric settings. It comes with a 31-band equalizer to tweak the sound to your liking, a volume booster to boost the sound level beyond default values, and a built-in advanced audio player to play your favorite tracks.

Boom 3D is available for both Mac and Windows, with the Mac version coming with a few extra features.

What Does Boom 3D Offer?

Being an audio enhancement app, Boom 3D has a range of features to redefine the way you experience music, movies, and games on your computers with regular audio equipment. The following is a breakdown of all the highlighting features of Boom 3D.

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1. 3D Surround Sound

3D surround sound is the most notable highlight of Boom 3D. It’s a feature that lets you experience audio with a 3D effect such that the sound appears to be emanating from a virtual 3D surround audio system, engrossing you into the midst of the scene.

Global Delight is using its own patented sound staging technology, combined with the patented 3D surround sound technology to emulate the experience of theatre-like audio with absolutely any headphones.

2. 31-Band Equalizer

Aside from making audio vivid and vibrant, Boom 3D also features a 31-band equalizer. Unlike most audio players, which come with an 8 -or- 10-band equalizer, the 31-band on the Boom 3D app puts you in complete control of tweaking and fine-tuning different frequencies in the audio spectrum to suit your listening style.

However, if you aren’t well-versed in fiddling with the equalizer yourself, there are also various equalizer presets, such as rock, pop, loud, classic, reggae, etc., which you can use to change the way audio sounds on your computer.

3. Built-in Audio Effects

Alongside the ability to customize audio using equalizers, Boom 3D also gives you access to various audio effects. Below is a list of some of these effects:

  • Ambience: Boom 3D enhances audio and instrument sound and adds ambience to stereo sound to provide a more immersive stereo experience.
  • Night Mode: It reduces the harsh sounds in music and movies and enhances quieter sounds to strike the right sound balance for binge-watching content at night.
  • Fidelity: It’s essentially an effect that boosts weaker frequency sounds in music or movies so you can hear them more clearly.
  • Spatial: Similar to the ambience audio effect, spatial also affects the overall soundstage to give you a more immersive listening experience, except that it deals with the clarity of the left and right channels to make their presence felt more prominently within the sound stage.
  • Pitch: It allows you to adjust the pitch of the music so you can listen to your favorite tracks with their pitch a note higher or lower than the original.

4. Advanced Audio Player

Unlike some of the other audio enhancement apps that come with just the audio tweaking functionalities, the Boom 3D app offers you a full-fledged audio player. This allows you to play your offline tracks, create playlists, and organize your music collection as you want right on the app.

5. Volume Booster (Mac only)

Available for the Mac version of Boom 3D, the Volume Booster feature acts as a system-wide volume booster to help you increase the volume beyond its default limits without introducing distortion or affecting the details in sound. So for all those scenarios where you find the default volume levels low, this feature can prove to be really handy.

6. App Volume Controller (Mac only)

App Volume Controller is another Mac-only feature on Boom 3D. It works by letting you control the audio levels for different apps on your Mac. So, if, for instance, you’d like certain apps muted while you’re listening to music or watching movies, you can lower down their volume levels accordingly while keeping the same for other important apps turned up to avoid missing out on important notifications.

7. Radio Stations

Besides audio enhancement features, Boom 3D also offers you access to over 20,000 internet radio stations worldwide from around 120 countries. So not only can you use the app to listen to your offline music, but you also get to enjoy the local music from over 100 different countries.

How to Use Boom 3D

Boom 3D is a paid app that offers 15-day and 30-day free trials to check out the offerings before making a purchase.

To use it, first, download the Boom 3D to your computer.

Download: Boom 3D (Mac | Windows)

Next, double-click the installer to begin the installation. Follow the on-screen steps to install Boom 3D on your Mac or Windows. If you’re on Mac, the app will require a restart of the system during the installation process.

Once Boom 3D is installed, you can sign up for the service to get a 30-day free trial. Alternatively, if you’re only interested in trying out the app, hit Skip to get directly into the app and settle with a 15-day trial.

Connect your headphones or speakers to the computer and hit the headphone icon on the top-right corner in the app window. Choose your headphone type from the available options to tell the app your default output device.

boom 3d output device

Click on the +Folder or +Song button to import your offline music. When you do so, it will open the file browser to navigate to the folder where you’ve stored your music. Select it and hit OK to import it to Boom 3D music player.

Now, simply click the play button to start playing the music.

boom 3d audio player

To use the Boom audio enhancement, click on the square icon on the top-left of the screen to turn on Boom. Now, click the downward-pointing arrow below it to open the audio enhancement window.

On the left, you’ll see the 3D Surround feature. Click on it to enable it and enter its customization settings. Here, you can click on the intensity slider to adjust the intensity of the surround sound. Similarly, you can click on the different channels showcased in the depiction to customize the surrounding sound experience to your preference.

boom 3d surround sound configuration

Besides, you can also click on other audio enhancement features to the right of 3D Surround to use them: simply tap on them to toggle them on/off and use the slider to adjust their intensity. Hit Done to save your settings.

Lastly, on the main audio enhancement window, click on the Equalizer button and tap the dropdown button on the right to choose your favorite preset. Alternatively, hit the Advanced button to set the equalizer to your taste.

Experience Surround Sound on Budget

The ideal setup for experiencing surround sound relies on the right hardware, a compatible music player, and the right music source. But since all of this comes at a cost, getting to experience surround sound is an expensive affair for most people.

Global Delight simplifies this equation to a great degree with its Boom 3D app, which delivers an immersive 3D sound experience by tweaking the sound directly on the app itself. So no matter what device or music source you use, you can listen to your favorite music or watch movies in 3D surround. Of course, it might not be able to replicate the same sound experience as you’d get with a dedicated surround sound setup, for its price of USD 12, the value on offer is pretty good.

Needless to say, besides 3D surround sound, you also get access to features like boom volume, app volume controller, built-in audio player, equalizer presets, and audio enhancement features, which further add to the experience and make a strong case for Boom 3D.

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