We’ve all offered remote assistance to friends and relatives over voice or video calls to solve their technical problems at some point. In fact, some of us are the go-to contact for people when they need help troubleshooting issues with their devices.

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However, anyone who’s done this multiple times would understand how difficult it can be to understand the problem and explain the appropriate steps for troubleshooting it over a call. This is where remote control tools like AirDroid Remote Support come into play.

AirDroid Remote Support helps you see remote issues in real-time and offer guidance to fix them with clear instructions, thereby saving you time and effort. It’s available for businesses to help them provide remote IT assistance to their clients or remote employees.

Let’s dive in to check out AirDroid Remote Support in detail.

What Is AirDroid Remote Support?

AirDroid Remote Support is an all-in-one remote support solution that allows you to connect to a friend, relative, or anyone else’s device to offer them assistance in troubleshooting their technical problems remotely.

It’s available for both personal as well as business use.

AirDroid Remote Support Features

AirDroid Remote Support, being a remote assistance tool, gives you various features to make identifying problems and offering troubleshooting solutions easy. Here’s a breakdown of all the notable features of AirDroid Remote Support for Individuals and Businesses:

  • Easily connect to the remote device using a unique 9-digit code
  • See the shared screen in real-time to easily identify and analyze the problem
  • Show on-screen gestures on the connected device by performing them on your mobile phone. Available only on Android
  • Take direct control of the remote device if the on-screen gestures feature doesn’t help
  • Use different communication methods, like plain texting, voice messages, and voice calls, to better communicate with the other person
  • Get a live view of the on-site situation in case nothing helps to analyze the problem better. This can also be used to provide remote assistance for fixing not just the mobile device but any other device or equipment
  • Obtain unattended remote support through a terminal without a user on the remote device
  • Connect to the client’s camera and place 3D markers onto real-life objects to help them troubleshoot physical devices and equipment.

AirDroid Remote Support for Individuals

If you’re an individual, AirDroid offers AirDroid Remote Support Personal that lets you provide mobile-to-mobile remote assistance to others to help them troubleshoot problems right from your mobile phone.

Since AirDroid Remote Support is a mobile-to-mobile remote control solution, it’s available on both Android and iOS, and you can download it via the Play Store or App Store.

AirDroid Remote Support for Business

AirDroid Remote Support for Business is a remote assistance solution for businesses. It’s an extensive version of AirDroid Remote Support Personal, aimed at helping businesses provide remote assistance to their customers/clients or remote employees to enable them to troubleshoot their software and hardware problems.

Unlike AirDroid Remote Support for Individuals, AirDroid Remote Support for Business involves a desktop client. This is because offering remote assistance via a PC is easier on a large scale, not to mention it also brings a bunch of additional features to assist with troubleshooting.

How Does AirDroid Remote Support Work?

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Using AirDroid Remote Support Personal for remote troubleshooting requires two apps: AirMirror and AirDroid Remote Support. These are two different apps, and which one you need to install depends on whether you’re the supporter or the supportee.

If you’re the supporter, i.e., the person offering troubleshooting help to someone, you need to install the AirMirror app on your device. It’s a free app that gives you all the necessary features required to provide remote assistance to the other device.

Meanwhile, on the supportee’s device, i.e., the device you’re controlling, you must ask them to install the AirDroid Remote Support app. AirDroid Remote Support helps establish a connection between the two devices. It offers multiple communication methods to help you view and understand the problem on the connected device and offer a solution accordingly.

Once you’ve installed these apps, you need to ask the supportee to share the 9-digit code displayed in the AirDroid Remote Support app on their device. Enter this code in the AirMirror app on your phone, and you should’ve established a connection with the other device.

On the other hand, businesses need to install the AirDroid Business app on their supporting device to offer remote assistance to their clients, staff, or business partners.

AirDroid Remote Support Pricing

AirDroid Remote Support is priced differently for Personal and Business. If you’re an individual, you can get AirDroid Remote Support for individuals for $2.49 per month. On the other hand, businesses can subscribe to AirDroid Remote Support for Business on per-seat bases, which costs $199 per seat for a year.

Offer Remote Assistance to People With Technical Issues Painlessly

AirDroid is a popular name when it comes to mobile device management and remote access tools. AirDroid Remote Support is an extension of this, which enables both individuals and businesses to offer remote support to their people and help them troubleshoot problems quickly and easily.

Although you can find several other remote desktop and mobile management tools online, the ease of use, coupled with a secure and private experience and an array of useful features available on AirDroid Remote Support, make it a complete solution for all your remote mobile assistance and management needs.

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