Videos make up a significant chunk of content consumption online. Ergo, if you’re a content creator, this implies producing more videos. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

wondershare filmora 12
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While filming is an important aspect of producing videos, editing them is equally important. And unfortunately, despite all the tooling available, the editing process still demands considerable effort and time, which can slow you down if you’re doing everything yourself.

Enter Wondershare Filmora 12: the latest iteration of Filmora that promises to make editing faster and easier, thanks to many new features and AI smarts. Let’s jump in to look into it in detail.

What Is Wondershare Filmora?

Wondershare Filmora is a cross-platform video editor that simplifies the video-editing workflow to empower you to edit video clips on your Mac or Windows PC faster.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and less hardware-intensive than traditional video-editing software. In addition, unlike other editing tools, it doesn’t have a steep learning curve, so you don’t have to spend time and effort mastering it before you can actually use it to edit videos.

What’s New in Wondershare Filmora 12?

Wondershare Filmora 12 offers a fast and efficient way to edit videos on Mac and Windows. It packs a bunch of advanced features and AI tools, which work toward making this possible. The following are all the new features you get with the Wondershare Filmora 12:

Intuitive UI

wondershare filmora 12 ui
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Starting with the most visible change, the all-new version of Wondershare Filmora comes with a redesigned interface. It’s more accessible and makes editing easier and faster, so you can spend more time focussing on the content.

Although Filmora’s older UI is also quite intuitive and uncluttered, the subtle tweaks on the newer version make for an even better experience. One feature that makes this possible is the new switchable workspace layouts.

Simply put, Filmora 12 comes with five pre-defined workspace layouts catered to different use cases and preferences, which you can switch to depending on your workflow and monitor setup to customize the editing environment to your preference.

Enhanced Keyframe

Keyframing is an important aspect of video editing, and it’s quite a task to customize keyframes in videos, especially if you’re new to video editing.

Wondereshare simplifies this on Filmora 12 through what it calls an enhanced keyframe system. Basically, what Filmora 12 does is expand keyframes to a bunch of other parameters than the ones currently supported, like filters, color correction, etc., so you can define keyframes and customize them as you like to add that extra flair to your videos.

Draw Mask

filmora 12 draw mask feature
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Masking is an editing feature that lets you select objects in a video frame to change their properties. On Filmora 12, Wondershare makes the feature even more versatile by allowing you to create free-form shapes using the pen tool. So now, you can draw masks around complex objects, and it will create a cutout for the same, after which you can change its opacity and blur, among other things.

Adjustment Layer for Faster Editing

Adjust layer is a brand new feature in Wondershare Filmora and a much-needed one. It speeds up the editing process by allowing you to apply the same effects you applied to one clip to multiple clips on the timeline. Thus, saving you time and effort and, in turn, streamlining the video editing process.

Instant Mode

Instant mode is possibly the best feature Wondershare has added to Filmora in a while. It takes video-editing simplification a step further by allowing you to create a video without requiring you to edit any of it. To use it, all you need to do is add the media you want to show in your video and choose a media from a wide range of templates, and Filmora will take care of everything and return a video within seconds.

Currently, template options include everything from slideshows, business, and intro templates to vlogs, travel, and many more.

AI Smart Cutout

ai smart cutout feature in filmora 12
IMAGE: Wondershare

As the name suggests, AI smart cutout is a feature that uses AI to help you remove undesirable objects from frames in your videos. With it, you can get rid of people and objects, or even the background, as you like. And the best part is the feature does all of it by itself and is pretty accurate.

AI Audio Stretch

Sometimes, when you’re adding audio to a video clip, you may notice that the length of the audio clip doesn’t match that of the video. In such situations, rather than manually copy-pasting the audio clip across the timeline, you can use the AI audio stretch feature instead, which intelligently retimes the audio to match the duration of the video and delivers the desired result.

AI Audio Denoise

wondershare filmora 12 ai audio denoise feature
IMAGE: Wondershare

Another AI feature Wondershare offers in Filmora 12 is AI audio denoise. Its job is to cut down on the background noise from clips to offer you clear audio in your videos.

3D Titles

Wondershare Filmora 12 also introduces the 3D titles feature. It’s kind of like the WordArt feature on Microsoft Word. With it, you can create 3D titles using 3D templates, which means you don’t have to use any other software to create titles for your videos.

Revamped Effects Library

wondershare filmora 12 effects
IMAGE: Wondershare

Filmora has been offering a range of effects for some time now, and the latest update improves the way you browse and access them on the software. As a result, you can now quickly browse through the effects library in Filmora and pick an effect you want to apply to your clip.

More Royalty-Free Music

Simplifying the video editing experience further, Wondershare Filmora 12 also includes a bunch of new royalty-free tracks that you can use in your videos as background music for absolutely free. A total of 100 new tracks have been added, and you can access them right inside the Filmora software.

Support for Better Team Collaboration

wondershare filmora 12 collaboration
IMAGE: Wondershare

Alongside simplifying the video editing process, Wondershare Filmora 12 also introduces the ability to collaborate on video projects with others. So now, you can share a video clip with your team and get their input or discuss your ideas in real time through notes.

Users can also add time-coded comments, and you can comment on them to add to the discussion further. What makes this possible is Filmora Workspace. For those unaware, Filmora Workspace is a co-creating platform that simplifies asset management, sharing, and storage to help you work better inside Filmora without worrying about trivialities.

Ability to Backup Your Assets and Take Them to Other Devices

As you use Filmora to edit videos, you’ll end up with several files, video effects, and customized settings. Since these are useful and can prove helpful in simplifying the editing process later, Wondershare gives you the option to back them up to the cloud to make sure you don’t lose them.

For this, Wondershare requires you to use your Wondershare ID. Once these assets are backed up, you can access them on any device by simply logging in to your Wondershare account.

Support for Multiple Platforms

Last but not least, Filmora 12 also supports multiple platforms. As a result, you can edit video clips on the go. For instance, you can start editing a video on your Mac and pick up where you left off on your iPad to continue editing it from anywhere.

There’s Even More to Filmora 12

All the features we’ve talked about so far come as part of the Filmora 12 update. However, there are several other features in the new version than that, including, of course, the standard set of video editing tools and features.

Here’s a list of a few such features:

  • Split Screen
  • Keyframing
  • Motion Tracking
  • Screen Recorder
  • Auto Reframe
  • Chrome Key
  • Audio Ducking
  • Silence Detection
  • Color Match
  • Color Correction

Wondershare Filmora 12 Plans and Pricing

Wondershare Filmora 12 is a paid software but provides a free version for users to explore the functionality. You can get it in three different plans:

  • Annual
  • Perpetual
  • Cross-platform

As the names suggest, the Annual plan is a yearly subscription plan, while the Perpetual license is a one-time fee you pay without having to pay a recurring subscription. Finally, the Cross-platform plan provides license for both Mac and Windows versions of Filmora 12.

As of writing this, Wondershare is offering all three plans for a discounted price. So if you’re planning on buying a subscription, it’s best to do it right now.

Create More and Better-Looking Videos With Little Effort

Wondershare Filmora has been one of the easier-to-use video editing software compared to most traditional video editors. It has managed to keep the interface and features simple and user-friendly so that anyone can edit videos in it without any training.

With its latest update, Filmora 12, Wondershare takes this a step further, as you’ve seen above. The new AI smarts and editing features on the software make the editing process even more streamlined, so you can focus more on the content of the video. Not to mention, the new update lets you edit videos even on mobile devices, which gives you the freedom to produce content wherever you are.

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