A security camera is one of the best solutions for securing your home. It’s practical, easy to setup, and an affordable option for most people. While the home security appliances market is filled with numerous security cameras from various brands, a high-quality and feature-rich camera can easily cost upwards of $150.

egloo cam s4 home security camera

EGLOO Cam S4 enters as an exception here. It’s a $60 security camera that packs in a range of smarts, such as temperature humidity, motion/sound detection, and IR night vision, to name a few, without detracting from the core functionality.

Although these features alone make the S4 an excellent choice for your next security camera, if you still aren’t convinced, here’s an in-depth look at the EGLOO Cam S4 and its features that make it stand out from the rest of the cameras on the market.

What Is EGLOO Cam S4?

EGLOO S4 is a budget-friendly and feature-rich home security camera.

What strikes out about the EGLOO Cam S4, aside from its reasonably low price tag, is that it’s got a pretty design, which makes it a rather appealing device to have in a room as opposed to many other security cameras that place more emphasis on functionality than aesthetics.

Of course, that’s not to say the EGLOO S4 isn’t as functional. It is! In fact, it offers more features than what you can find in any other security camera in this price segment.

What Does EGLOO Cam S4 Offer?

EGLOO S4 comes with the following features to help you monitor your home:

1. Full HD Recording

Image: EGLOO

EGLOO Cam S4 is a full HD camera that can record videos in 1080p at 30fps. It has a 142° wide-angle view, which is pretty decent and sufficient for home-usage. Plus, it also supports 360° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical rotation, so you can easily pan it around—using the companion app—to monitor every corner of your house.

Adding to the convenience, the S4 supports night-time video recording as well, thanks to the night vision technology that employs IR LEDs, which allows it to record daytime-like video quality even at night.

2. Automatic Motion and Sound Detection

Image: EGLOO

For all those times when you’re outside of your house, the S4 has got you covered with its automatic motion and sound-detection capabilities that can help you detect an intrusion or check out on your loved ones.

If there’s something unusual back at home, the camera will send you an alert on its companion app to your smartphone. And you can then turn on the live feed to check what’s happening and take action accordingly.

EGLOO Cam S4 also gives you the ability to set up events that trigger these notifications, so you have control over your notifications.

3. Built-in Mic and Speaker

egloo cam s4: an intelligent home security camera for the modern home - egloo s4 mic speaker

Considering the fact that this feature can be helpful for parents who can monitor their kids from outside their room, the camera also includes a built-in mic and a 0.5W speaker with full-duplex support that gives you the ability to converse with your loved ones while outside.

4. Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensor

egloo cam s4: an intelligent home security camera for the modern home - egloo s4 humidity sensor
Image: EGLOO

One of the valuable additions to the EGLOO S4 camera is the built-in temperature and humidity sensor. This sensor monitors your room’s real-time temperature and humidity and shows you in its app, after which you can adjust the temperature if necessary for optimal comfort.

5. Smart Remote Control

egloo s4 smart remote controller

Aside from all the features we’ve just mentioned, the EGLOO Cam S4 also features a smart remote control that simplifies controlling smart home appliances at your home. With this, you can add smart devices, such as an air purifier, humidifier, fan, air conditioner, etc., to EGLOO’s app and use it to control them.

If you’ve setup the EGLOO S4 camera in your kid’s room, this feature can prove to be really useful, as, in addition to keeping an eye on your kids, it can also help you control their room’s devices to ensure they have a pleasant experience in there.

6. Baby Mode

As its name suggests, the baby mode is a specialized feature on the EGLOO S4 that monitors your baby’s breath. It does this by examining the baby’s inhaling and exhaling movements and comes in handy when you want to check in on kids without disturbing them.

In addition, the camera also captures an image when it sees the baby blink or smile and saves it for you to check later. All recorded images are displayed in a time bar, so you can exactly see what your baby was doing at a given time.

What Makes EGLOO Cam S4 Stand Out From Others?

If some of the above features weren’t apparent enough, here’s what differentiates EGLOO S4 from other home security cameras on the market:

  • Cute and appealing design that blends well in the room
  • Easy installation and setup process
  • High-quality video recording with night vision
  • All the essential home security cameras bundled into a single device, with additional features like smart remote control, automatic motion and sound detection, and temperature and humidity monitoring, which eliminate the need to buy devices other separately
  • Companion app with a bunch of handy features
  • Smart remote controller, which makes it easy to control other home appliances, right inside a single app
  • Instant, real-time alerts to alert you as soon as motion/sound is detected
  • Two-way audio to help you speak to loved ones when you’re outside
  • Baby mode, which makes it easier to keep an eye on the baby without needing to enter their room
  • Access to saved images with a detailed preview for quick and easy browsing

EGLOO Cam S4 Specifications

110.3 x 78.7mm
Field of View
Night Vision
Up to 32ft
DC 5V/2A USB Type-C
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n, only 2.4GHz)
microSD card (up to 128GB) or cloud
Motion and Sound
Video Recording
1080p at 30fps
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Smart Remote Control
Baby Mode
24/7 Live Streaming
Clear Night Vision

Simplifying and Making Home Monitoring More Economical

egloo s4

TRUEN, the manufacturer of EGLOO products, has been making home security systems for more than a decade. Its products have known to be high-quality, economical, and user-friendly, and the EGLOO Cam S4 is a solid example of that.

It packs all the essential monitoring features one can ask for in a home security camera, along with a bunch of smarts that extend its functionality even further, all while keeping the cost relatively lower than its competitor brands.

And that’s exactly why we feel that the EGLOO Cam S4, which comes in at just $60, is the perfect option for your next home security camera. One that can help you monitor your house while you’re out and, at the same time, assist you in keeping a check on your kids or pets while allowing you to control their surrounding devices remotely.

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