Realme began its journey in India with the Realme 1, a sub-Rs 10,000 budget smartphone that proved to be a huge success, and since then the brand has never looked back. Last year, Realme introduced a new GT series of devices aimed at power-hungry users, featuring premium hardware and eye-catching design languages.

In 2022, the company has launched the Realme GT 2 Pro, marking the brand’s transition from flagship killer to a true flagship.

realme gt2 pro review

The Realme GT 2 Pro features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, 120Hz QHD LTPO display, microscope lens, etc.

But is Realme GT 2 Pro the affordable flagship we have all been waiting for? Let us find out in our Realme GT 2 Pro review below.


Display quality is paramount on any flagship, and Realme has nailed it. The Realme GT 2 Pro features a large 6.7-inch display ( QHD AMOLED ) with support for LTPO 2.0 technology, which can intelligently downshift the device’s refresh rate from 120 Hz to as low as 1 Hz. The peak brightness is also no problem with 1400 nits.

These display specs are on par with some of the biggest Android flagships on the market, and they hold up well in real-world use. Everything looks fantastic on the 2K display, and 120 Hz is just the icing on the cake.

While the LTPO technology is commendable, I changed the settings to force 120 Hz as it leads to an even better and smoother experience. However, this does affect the battery life a bit.

And in case you are wondering: The device is Widevine L1 certified, and Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video support full HD playback, so that’s good.

Since it is an AMOLED display, there is also support for an in-display optical fingerprint scanner, which works quite well and unlocks the device flawlessly every time.

Design and Build Quality

realme gt2 pro review design

In the era of flagships with glass sandwich backs, the Realme GT 2 Pro takes a completely different approach, which I now prefer over conventional smartphones. The back is made of an ISCC-certified polymer that is supposed to give a paper-like feel in the hand, and the brand has managed to deliver on that promise. Unfortunately, the paper-like feel on the back makes the device extremely grippy, and I used it without a case for the same reason.

If I had anything to complain about, the layout of the rear camera could be a bit different, as it currently matches most other Realme devices on the market, which detracts from the overall uniqueness of the device.

And if you are worried about the back turning yellow/pale after a few months, do not be. I reached out to the brand about it, and they told me that the back has a special protective coating that prevents it from turning pale.

On the right side is the power button, and on the left side is the volume rocker. A speaker grille, a Type-C charging port, and a SIM card slot are on the bottom. The upper side is largely kept clean.


realme gt2 pro review display

Another feature that classifies a device as a flagship is its processor, which the Realme GT 2 pro excels at. The device is equipped with the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which works like a beast and handles everything you throw at it, including demanding multitasking and gaming.

Unlike other Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 smartphones, this device does not throttle as much and delivers excellent performance, but it heats up easily. Despite the vapor cooling mechanism, the phone gets warm when you push it hard. However, it does not overheat so much that you cannot use the device anymore.

Also, thermal performance has improved with recent updates to the device, and I expect it to get even better over time.

You can still get a bit more performance out of the device with the High-Performance mode, but I left it in Smart Performance mode since it offers a good balance between performance and battery life.

Most games are still limited to 60 Hz instead of 120 Hz, and Realme needs to work with developers to make that happen, as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is more than competent.


realme gt2 pro review software

If there’s one thing that detracts from the flagship experience of the Realme GT 2 Pro, it’s the software experience. Do not get me wrong, the software is quite stable and feature-rich, but it is filled with bloatware.

If you pick a budget Realme device and the Realme GT 2 Pro, you get the same amount of pre-installed bloastware apps, which is disappointing. Fortunately, all this bloatware can be easily uninstalled, which is always good.

Additionally, I did not face any ADS in the UI as I had already turned off the recommendations option from the settings, so no complaints on that front. However, the Glance at Realme option kept showing up on the lock screen even though I had already disabled it, which got annoying after a while.

But Realme makes up for all the lost ground with its OS update support. Realme GT 2 Pro gets three years of Android updates and four years of security patches, which future-proofs the device and puts it on par with most flagships out there in terms of software support.

Battery Life

realme gt2 pro review battery life

The battery life of Realme devices has been pretty good in the past, and the Realme GT 2 Pro continues this trend with its 5000 mAH battery. Depending on usage, you can expect an operating time between 4.5 and 5.5 hours.

Now, some might argue that this is pretty average and nothing out of the ordinary, but it is good for a device with a 2K 120Hz display and a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

With the included 65-watt adapter, charging times were also pretty fast, with the device charging from 5-100 percent in less than 30 minutes.

In case you are wondering, unfortunately, this device does not support the crazy 150W charging technology that the Realme GT Neo 3 has.


realme gt2 pro review camera

Before we discuss the cameras in detail and share camera samples, let us first take a look at the specifications of the tripe camera setup. Realme GT 2 Pro features a triple camera setup in the following configurations:

  • 50MP Sony IMX7662 sensor
  • 50MP ultra-wide angle Samsung JN1 sensor
  • 3MP Microscope Lens

The primary sensor performed well in bright daylight; images were detailed and sharp with a wide dynamic range. However, color reproduction was somewhat inconsistent, and it took several tries to get the perfect shot.

The primary sensor also delivers good results indoors and in low-light conditions. The images have good detail and minimal noise.

The 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens is excellent in daylight, and it manages some good, sharp wide-angle shots. While most devices have a 118-degree field of view, this device offers an extremely wide 150-degree field of view that will allow you to capture the best architectural shots.

realme gt 2 pro review: flagship killer to a flagship - img20220428140042

realme gt 2 pro review: flagship killer to a flagship - img20220428172309

realme gt 2 pro review: flagship killer to a flagship - img20220428174440

realme gt 2 pro review: flagship killer to a flagship - img20220427172429

realme gt 2 pro review: flagship killer to a flagship - img20220426210319

realme gt 2 pro review: flagship killer to a flagship - img20220426171314

[Click here for full resolution images + additional samples]

However, the problem starts when the sun goes down, and the lights come on indoors. Indoors and in extremely low-light conditions, it falls short of its predecessors, and images become grainy and less detailed. Can Realme fix this with a software update? Honestly, I do not think so, as the hardware capabilities are limited.

As for the front camera, it is a 32MP sensor that manages to take great selfies with a lot of detail and less embellishment. However, the pictures are sometimes overexposed, so keep that in mind.

The 3MP microscope lens is a nice little addition and is certainly a party trick that attracts a lot of attention. Initially, I kept my expectations pretty low, but I liked it to some degree once I started using the microscope mode. Honestly, I prefer this microscope lens to the 2MP depth and macro lens found in many devices.

Thanks to the support for OIS, the videos are quite stable, and there is hardly any judder. Wondering about the video quality? Well, the device can record videos in 4K 60FPS, and you can actually record as there are no heating errors like some other 8 Gen 1 flagships.

Speakers and Connectivity

realme gt2 pro review specs

The Realme GT 2 Pro has two stereo speakers that are quite loud and provide good separation and decent bass. Like most devices in this price range, the device supports 5G, making it future-proof. Furthermore, the device supports both WiFi bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

We tested the device on both, and it performed exactly as we expected. We have a 100 Mbps plan, and the device consistently delivers that speed. In addition, the device also supports carrier aggregation, and that worked as expected.

Realme GT 2 Pro Review: Verdict

realme gt 2 pro review verdict

In summary, Realme has done an excellent job with the GT 2 Pro, and it excels in a variety of areas. However, it lacks some features like wireless charging and IP certification, but that is not a downfall and does not affect the device’s overall performance.

The 8+128GB model costs Rs. 49,999, while the 12+1256GB variant costs Rs. 57,999. For this price, it is one of the few devices available for less than 50,000 rupees. This includes the Motorola Edge 30 Pro, which is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

If you are looking for a device that offers excellent performance, a good daylight camera, and feels premium in hand, then the Realme GT 2 Pro will not disappoint. However, suppose you are looking for a smartphone with wireless charging and an IP certification. In that case, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro is a good option, but keep in mind that Motorola’s track record of providing updates is not fantastic.

  • Excellent Display
  • Great performance
  • Unique Build
  • Good Primary Camera
  • Tends to heat up a bit at times
  • Bloatware
  • No Wireless Charging
  • No IP Rating
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Build & Design

Is Realme GT 2 Pro the affordable flagship we have all been waiting for? Let us find out in our Realme GT 2 Pro review.

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