Since the pandemic, the culture of working from home has taken hold among many individuals and organizations. With the rise of WFH, the number of conferencing apps and screen-sharing apps has also increased. While the incumbents are still going well, there has been a surge in new screen sharing tools with more interesting features.

best screen sharing tools for windows

Apart from work, screen-sharing apps are very useful when you want to help your friends or family members with something. Either way, it’s obvious that you can improve your productivity with the right software.

Since many own Windows PCs and laptops, and chances are that many are looking for the best screen-sharing tools for Windows, let us take a look at our picks.

Microsoft Teams

When you are in search of the best screen-sharing tool for Windows, you should always consider the tools from Microsoft at the top. Since Windows is coming from the same roof, Microsoft is capable to make its software and tools optimized while offering a lot of features. Microsoft Teams also has no exception in getting these benefits and hence its position as the first.

microsoft teams screen sharing

Teams is primarily intended for work or for training, and the functions are also tailored accordingly. Although it is a meeting app, Teams has an online screen sharing tool. Once you start a meeting, you click the Share Content button.

You can either share your entire screen or, if privacy is important to you, just the current window. If you want, you can also turn on your computer’s sound when you share your screen. With the free version, you can make video and audio calls for up to 60 minutes and 100 participants.

As for the features, it has chat, video, and voice calls, while you can even use a custom background in video chat. Besides, you can schedule the next meeting in the calendar.

One downside is that you can not hold meetings that last longer than 60 minutes unless you subscribe. However, you can subscribe to get longer meetings. All in all, Microsoft Teams is a great app to try out, especially if you are looking for screen sharing software for both business and educational purposes.


  • Share either the entire screen or a particular window
  • Free version offers meetings for up to 100 participants
  • Useful business purpose


  • Requires Microsoft account to use
  • Can only conduct conference sessions for up to 60 mins on the Free version

Download Microsoft Teams


teamviewer screen sharing application

Teamviewer is a software that has been helping users share screens for years. Thanks to its years of experience, Teamviewer offers a seamless experience with many useful features. Let us first talk about the screen sharing feature.

Once you start a meeting, you can tap on the device icon (depending on the device you are using, the icon will change) and select “Share my screen” to start screen sharing on Windows with Teamviewer. You cannot share the current window, but you can pause the sharing if necessary.

In addition, the meeting option also offers functions such as chatting or even conducting multiple meetings. Besides regular screen sharing, you can also use Teamviewer’s remote control feature to see what the other person is seeing on their screen and take control of their screen.

To remotely control someone else’s screen, you need to go to the Remote Control tab and ask the other person to install the app and visit the same tab. Ask the other person to share the code displayed on their screen and click Control if you want to take control of their screen. If you want to let another person take control of your screen, share the code displayed on your screen with them.

Teamviewer lets you remotely control devices for presentations, and if that’s not enough, you can also use the built-in file transfer function. And most importantly, there’s even the option to use the software in augmented reality mode! While all these services mostly work well even with fluctuating networks, it would have been nice if the UI had been improved a bit more.


  • Remotely control desktop
  • Pause screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • Augmented Reality mode


  • Window-specific screen sharing is not available
  • UI could have been improved

Download Teamviewer

Google Meet

Google has a competing product for almost every software service, and that includes screen sharing apps for Windows. One of these apps is Google Meet, which has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use. This is one of the main advantages of the app.

The icons also help non-technical people understand what each icon stands for. Once you start screen sharing, you can click the button to choose between the default screen sharing or a specific window, or even a specific tab. Google Meet can be used as an application as well as accessed online.

google meet screen sharing for windows

Regardless of the various screen sharing features, if you think of it as a video conferencing application, it lacks many of the features that the competition offers. Even if you agree, you are forced to log in using only Google ID, which could be a deal-breaker for some. If these drawbacks do not bother you, then Google Meet is a clear recommendation.


  • Simple and easy-to-use UI
  • Multiple screen-sharing options
  • Can be used both in-app as well as on the web


  • Requires Google ID to use

Download Google Meet


Zoom, like many other options in this list, is a video conferencing tool, but it also has a screen-sharing option. Unlike the Microsoft and Google options, Zoom offers multiple ways to log in to the application.

Zoom has not skimped when it comes to security, either. If you forget your password, the process to recover it is tedious, but your account is secure. Once you have signed in, you can easily start sharing your screen by selecting Share Screen from the app’s home screen.

Specify a meeting ID to share the screen. Otherwise, you can start a meeting and then click the Share Screen option. Zoom offers one of the most versatile screen sharing options compared to the competition.

You can choose to share the entire screen, one of the apps you are currently using, a whiteboard, or even your iPhone screen! And that’s not all. If you choose the Advanced tab, you can share part of the screen, the computer’s audio, any video on your Windows computer, content from the second camera, or even a PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background.

There is also an option to share files from popular online file-sharing services. As for the other features, you can chat, schedule meetings, or even use app integrations, making this one of the most feature-rich video conferencing apps for Windows.

zoom meeting screen sharing

While the app is free, there is also an optional premium subscription that unlocks additional features, such as conducting video conferences with a much larger audience and more. Zoom’s blessing can also be its curse, as the feature-rich app can confuse users as to what they want.

Also, despite the features offered, the price might be a bit too high for many. Nevertheless, the app is still the best option for entrepreneurs and regular users who are looking for a feature-rich screen sharing tool for Windows.


  • Feature packed Screen sharing options
  • Can share iPhone screen using Windows
  • Integrated file-sharing service
  • Schedule meetings


  • Some may users can be confused between the surplus features
  • Premium subscription is on the premium side

Download Zoom


Loom takes a completely different approach when it comes to screen sharing on Windows. While with other programs, you can only do this when the other members are online, you can click “Record” directly. Once you log in, you can start recording immediately and do not need to go through any other process.

loom screen sharing tool for windows

Loom also gives users the option to use their Windows computer’s webcam while sharing the screen or just share their camera. If you do not want to use the webcam, Loom offers the option to share the screen without the camera. If you want to give a presentation, you can use the app’s built-in speaker notes to read out what you want and not leave out any points.

There’s even an option to share the screen via a custom canvas for those worried about privacy. You can also select the video quality if you are using an unstable network. Once the screen recording is ready, you can share it with those who need it.

While the features of the free version are enough for many, the premium plan can offer more if someone is looking for more. The premium plan offers the ability to upload screen recordings of unlimited length and much higher quality, custom branding, password protection for the videos, and even the ability to embed links into a video.

Even though Loom does not offer as many features as the competition, it’s still a good app to check out, especially if you want to make pre-recorded screen recordings on Windows.


  • Share screen along with webcam
  • Comes with speaker notes for presentations
  • Pre-recorded screen sharing


  • Unable to share a particular window
  • Premium plan doesn’t offer much value

Download Loom

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Windows Remote Desktop

Why should we look for screen-sharing tools for Windows when we have a tool from Microsoft itself? Windows Remote Desktop is a native screen-sharing tool for the professional version of Windows. Windows Remote Desktop is based on the proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol technology and can be used with any Windows PC without any problems.

windows remote desktop for screen sharing

Once you install the application, you can start sharing your screen right away. Simply click the + icon to add a new account or select an existing one. Yes, there is no registration required except for the one needed to connect to the PC. It can be especially beneficial in workplaces where devices can be connected or controlled as needed.

In addition, you can also connect to a PC if you belong to a user group. There are features such as swapping mouse buttons, setting the resolution of the remote session, resizing the screen, resizing the remote session, accessing the clipboard, audio playback and recording, and many other functions to discover.

Even though the steps are simple, this app is best suited for those who are familiar with remote PC connection, and for normal people, it might be hard to understand.


  • No sign in required
  • Ability to control remote session resolution
  • Useful for official purpose


  • Not easy to understand for normal users
  • Requires a learning curve

Download Windows Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

While Meet was Google’s answer to the growing number of video conferencing apps, Chrome Remote Desktop is a direct answer to Teamviewer’s screen sharing. While you can install this tool on Windows, you still need a Chrome browser on your computer to run this tool.

chrome remote desktop for screen sharing

Once you install the Chrome Remote Desktop tool, you can use this tool to remotely access, share, or even set up another computer. To do this, you need to connect both PCs with a randomly generated code.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free screen sharing tool that lets you help friends or other people. However, you can only connect two devices at a time, so screen sharing with many devices at once is not possible. As you may have noticed, you can only use the tool between two devices at a time, which greatly limits its usability.

Moreover, the app’s limitation to Chrome may make many not consider this tool. If you can overlook this, you can still use this tool.


  • Quick log in
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Can remotely control Windows machine


  • Requires to have Google Chrome
  • Can only connect with one user at a time

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

Dead Simple Screen Sharing

As the name suggests, Dead Simple Screen focuses on simplifying screen sharing in Windows. It has many similarities to the Google Meet app, but with a funky UI, instead of the boring UI of Meet (definitely not meet-worthy). Once you visit the website, you can start sharing by selecting Share Your Screen.

You will be taken to a new page where you can join the meeting directly. However, I would have appreciated an option to enter the meeting code similar to Google Meet. The screen sharing tool lets you share the entire screen of your Windows computer or select a window or even the browser tab.

dead simple screensharing for windows

Once you have selected the screen, click Share to start sharing your screen. Users will then see a notification at the bottom of their screen to check to share. To stop sharing, all you have to do is click Stop Sharing. While the app offers basic screen sharing features on Windows, it has also gone the easy route in supporting browsers and the number of participants.

You can only use this screen sharing tool for Windows with Google Chrome or Firefox, and even then, the total number of participants is limited to 4. Besides being a screen-sharing tool, you can also use Dead Simple Screen Sharing to conduct meetings since it has many basic features that you are looking for.


  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Multiple options to share screen
  • Can be used as a video conference app


  • Compatible only with Chrome and Firefox
  • participant count is limited to 4

Download Dead Simple Screen Sharing


Mikogo offers features like not only screen sharing for Windows and video conferencing but also a whiteboard for multiple users and the ability to schedule a session. Most of the features of this tool are hidden behind the premium subscription, so the premium version is just an exhibition of the features that users miss out on if they do not subscribe.

mikogo screensharing tool for windows

Mikogo is available for macOS as well as iOS and Android and supports cross-platform screen sharing and video conferencing. Screen sharing lets you choose which application window you want to share. There’s also a multi-monitor feature that lets you see up to four screens at once.

But that’s not the end of the feature set. You can record VoIP conversations, which can then be converted into a video. There is also a built-in chat function that lets you send files up to 200 MB. With the Standard subscription, you can only have sessions with one participant. With a Professional or Team subscription, on the other hand, you can take up to 25 participants. That’s still not much compared to the competition’s offerings.


  • Offers Whiteboard to share ideas
  • View four screens at the same time
  • Share files


  • Free version only allows meeting with one participant
  • Premium version doesn’t offer much value.

Download Mikogo


GoToMeeting has a refreshing UI, which stands out from the old-fashioned offerings of established providers. Once you install the app, you are forced to sign in if you want to use the app, or you must enter the meeting ID. Once logged in, you’ll find that Go-To has all the features that will make you want to use this app for sharing screens in a meeting.

gotomeeting remote screen sharing tool

Regardless, the app landed in last place because it does not have much to offer. Although Go-To does not offer any outstanding features, all the available functions work perfectly. The screen-sharing tool lets you share the entire screen, a window, or even a Chrome tab.

Apart from screen sharing, as you can guess, Go-To-Meeting can also be used to conduct meetings. For meetings, Go-To does not offer any standout features, but it does offer most of what you’d expect from the competition. The app can conduct meetings, mute members, and respond between meetings. There’s even the option to record the entire meeting, which is a great thing.

The biggest problem, aside from the fact that there are no standout features, is that the app does not have a free or demo version other than the 14-day free trial. That’s great, do not get me wrong, but a free version would help reach more users and build word-of-mouth for the app since the features are pretty robust, and that’s what many expect from a screen sharing tool for Windows.


  • Ability to share the screen in different ways
  • Video conferencing with features


  • Requires to sign in to start a meeting
  • No free plan other than the free trial
  • Don’t have any stand-out feature

Download GoToMeeting

Securely Share Your Screen with Windows Screen Sharing Tools

In summary, these screen sharing tools for Windows offer a range of options for sharing your computer screen with others. Whether you need to share your screen for a presentation, for collaboration, or for remote support, these tools have you covered. With a range of features and functions, including the ability to share specific windows or applications, real-time interaction, and support for different operating systems, these screen sharing tools provide an easy and effective way to share your screen with others. The best part is that many of these tools are free (or have a free version), so you can easily find the right one for your needs.

FAQs about Windows Screen Sharing Tools

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Yes, computers are capable of screen mirroring, also known as screencasting. This allows the computer to display its screen on another display, such as a television or projector. Screen mirroring can be useful for presentations, sharing content, or displaying information from a computer on a larger screen.

Yes, there are several free screen sharing tools available for Windows. Some examples include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Teamviewer

In most cases, yes, you can share your screen with someone on a different operating system, such as Mac or Linux. Most screen sharing tools are designed to work across different platforms and operating systems, so you should be able to share your screen with someone on a different OS without any problems. Tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are available across platforms.

In most cases, you can share specific windows or applications instead of sharing your entire screen. Most screen sharing tools allow you to select which windows or applications you want to share. So you can share only the windows or applications you want the other person to see.

To ensure the security and privacy of your screen sharing session:

  1. Use a reputable and secure screen sharing tool
  2. Use a strong password
  3. Avoid sharing sensitive information
  4. Keep your computer and software up to date

Yes, Windows 10 allows screen sharing. To share your screen in Windows 10, you need to use a screen sharing tool. Windows 10 includes a built-in screen sharing tool called Quick Assist that lets you share your screen with another person and even allows them to control your computer remotely.

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