One of the very few irritating things about Twitter is the limit of 140 characters per tweet. It becomes extremely hard especially when you try to share a link with your Twitter friends. So what to do? Just break the rules 😉

Below are the 5 ways to tweet more than 140 characters every time!

1. TinyPaste

tinypaste Logo

Tinypaste lets you type or paste in a large amount of text, and then assigns it with a tiny url, to put into tweets, Plurks etc… It also comes with a nifty Firefox extension that allows you to select, right click and get a url straight away, a handy little tool, which is useful more than just for tweeting!

2. Bigtweet

Bigtweet logo

Bigtweet enables Twitterers to send tweets of up to 280 characters even if you’re not on the profile page. It is a bookmarklet which breaks up tweets of up to 280 characters into multiple sections and sends it to your Twitter profile from any webpage you’re browsing. Not only that, this impressive Web tool provides tons of special unicode characters such as smiley face emotions, music symbols, trademark signs and many more. All these makes your tweets more lively!


txtbin logo

It is similar to Tinypaste and allows you to share text data with anyone in the world in two steps. You enter the text into the text field and hit the save txt button. It then gives you a shortened URL that you can share with your friends to read this text. Absolutely no restriction on the character size.

4. TwitLonger

twitlonger logo

TwitLonger will post it to twitter using your account with 140 chars, including a Read More link to the full tweet. You can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted. If it still asks for an invite – get a beta invite at

5. TwitBlogs

twitblogs logo

TwitBlogs is a combination of Twitter and Blogging where you get the features of both worlds. You can use your Twitter user credentials to login to TwitBlogs. Once you login, you can compose your posts like in normal blogging with title, basic formatting, tags etc. Once you are done with the composing you can publish the item. The post published with be available as a tweet with a link to the post. You have the option to directly use Twitter from TwitBlogs as well. If you want the best of both blogging and Twitter, then twitblogs is the perfect twitter companion for you.

Any other services available? Any better ones? Let me know!


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  • Casey Wright

    And you forgot Twitzer from These are the guys who started this. And this one is right from inside

    • Raju

      Oopss Thanks Casey! I knew about missing couple of others, but I completely missed out Twitzer. Thanks :)

  • Amit

    Hey Raju, this is really a nice post mate. I am always run out of the 140 char’s limit while on Twitter, Luckily Twitter Deck is making my life much easier now.

    • Raju

      Only problem with TwitterDeck is that it hogs memory :( atleast in my notebook it does. Welcome to my Blog Amit and thanks for commenting!

  • Shirley

    Great tools. I always run out of characters, especially when posting urls. So this will definitely be useful. It definitely beats me trying to make my tweets more concise.

  • p@r@noid

    Great post..bookmarked

  • Kevin

    There are even more twitter applications that overcome limit of 140 characters such as “TwitterMail”, “ToAnswer”, “gtwit”, “2tweet” and more…you can find complete list at:

    • Raju

      whoa!! Your blog is stuffed with twitter apps, amazing collection indeed!! Thanks Kevin!

  • Kevin

    You’re welcome Raju.. indeed your blog is very informative.. keep it up..

  • Gennice

    Great list Raju. Everybody has this frustrating problem with too long tweets. oh, and you forgot the service that rewrites your tweets so they become smaller and ready to post.

    I’ve written post about it here:

    • Raju

      Thanks man, will update my post about 140it

  • Stuart

    Just built a new one: Its like “Verbose” get it? k not funny.

  • Personal Development

    i generally use different mechanism. I let twitter shorten my url and then adjust the next message accordingly. Think gonna try one of the suggestions you have made. Thanks Raju.

  • michael

    This is great, I have seen a few tweets that are more than 140 chr. and it seems like it would be nice to uses every now and then. Thanks for the info I going to tell my follows about it as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.

    Follow me on Twitter @michael_37
    Creating More Than Just a Tweet-
    and please read

  • wrought iron furniture

    Great round up of ways to tweet more characters!

  • Doug C.

    Just tried 140it. It’s broken. I’ll stick with Twitzer.

  • Malappuram Information

    Thanks for this post. I really used all ways to post my sites content on Twitter.

  • Brian

    100 Times More Characters per Tweet with

  • Muhammad

    Another good way to share short messages is Runtly ( lets you create short, blog-style posts via a shortened url (you can even include pictures and embedded videos).

  • Sasha

    I recently started using twiffo to tweet more than 140 characters since it shows my profile pic and background image with my long tweet

  • javier guillén no text limit for your tweets.

  • John Turner

    I just built a website that will let you post more than 140 chars by web and by email, also supports auto embedding Feedback welcomed :)

  • Twitrix

    There is one more, but this one is very good one.
    It has all the features twitter has, and has lot of additional. It supports longer tweet as well. It has been introduced recently.

  • ChelseaJN

    I always use to post my tweet. I can tweet as long as I want. And not mention they have other great features. Love it! :)

  • tinypost

    There’s also that works like twitlonger with no ads

  • Arpit

    Tweetlogs lets you post article with pictures, images and video on twitter. htt://

  • Khaled Musaied

    here is another one:

  • Daniel

    Hi Raju! You forgot to include! Please check it out! Cheers!

  • Longtweet

    All these require app authorization (talk about giving up your security…) allows you to post long tweets without giving up permissions.

  • Mehmet Gulsen There are times in which 140 characters aren’t enough to convey how you’re feeling, and no amount of rewording the message to be sent could change that. And you badly want to send the message through Twitter because you know that such is the context where more people could read it. And the more people who learn about something which is troubling you, then the more people who could offer to lend a hand. Only a browser add-on like this one could help you out in such cases. FiberTweet enables you both to send and read longer tweets right on your browser, and it enables you to do so at no cost whatsoever. This add-on can be installed by just anybody, and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari are all supported to the same extent.

    Read more:

  • TwitPlus

    Check out to send longer tweets, completely ad free, and nothing to install.

  • Giantwit

    Try to use Giantwit, a app now available in google play. A totally different way to tweet more than 140 charaters. It doesn’t need to lead you to another website or separate your long tweet into small pieces, try this application in your google play, you will like it!

  • Anton

    I’m using tweenjoy recently, the best!

  • Scoot kaint

    really a great list of plugins, i really like them all.