Google Chrome celebrated its first birthday last week (just a few days before TechPP’s)! And by looking at the comments for that article, it was clear many people preferred Firefox over Chrome basically due to the option of choosing innumerable add-ons and extensions available on Firefox. However there are some extensions on Chrome as well, that make your experience with using it easier and loving.


These extensions, whilst useful, aren’t quite to the standard of Firefox’s offerings yet, be it in quality or quantity, but the early development is showing that Chrome users can now enjoy super-fast loading times and minimal footprints along with the option of using third party add-ons.

22 Most Popular & Most useful Google Chrome Extensions

1. Google Chrome Backup Extension


Google Chrome backup add-on creates, backups, restores and manages Chrome profiles. All history, bookmarks and related stuff are maintained very easily with this add-on. So in case there is a system crash or accidental deletion, you can easily restore or get back the lost settings in Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome Backup add-on

2. Google Chrome Dual View


This Google Chrome extension enables you to view two different web pages in a single tab. A single tab will split into from the middle such that in each half you can see two different sites side by side. Particularly useful if multitasking or undertaking some research.

Download Dual View plugin for Google Chrome

3. XChrome

Download XChrome add-on for Google Chrome


This is a theme manager for Google Chrome browser. Now you can change the theme to suit your mood just with a click of a button. A must add-on if you are a fan of customization!

4. Adsweep (Adblock)

This is a popular Google Chrome extension that will clean all the ads present in web page such that you can view web pages ad free. It even helps to remove all the ads from Youtube videos or webpages and present you clean ad free page.

Download Adsweep ad-blocker for Google Chrome

5. Gmail This

It is basically a bookmarklet which lets you to mail the content of a web page through Gmail. Just select the content that you want to mail and press this bookmarklet Gmail composer window will open with the selected content now you can directly type in the email address to whom you want to send it and click send just like you do to send mails using Gmail.

Download GMail This extension

6. GMail Checker


This tiny extension embeds a little notification icon in your toolstripwhich will alert you when you receive a new email! A click on the alert take you directly to the GMail window.

Download Gmail Checker extension

7. Google Talk From Your Browser

This little script allows you to add a GTalk icon to your launcher which, when run, opens up a window that simply requires your login and password to get you chatting.

Download GTalk plugin for Google Chrome

8. Session Saver – Session Management tool


Session Saver is a session manager that lets you save and manage multiple sessions. It will help you to you save, manage and reload multiple sessions.

Download Session Saver extension for Google Chrome

9. Google Page Rank/ Alexa Rank Checker


This clean and simple extension will display the current page rank of the opened website in the Google Chrome Status Bar.

Download Google Page rank / Alexa Rank checker

10. Cleeki


Cleeki is a perfect pal if you need to launch search/share/publish tasks based on any content in your browser. Just select some text, and Cleeki can search/share/publish the content and preview the results immediately. Cleeki can also preview a hyperlink without open a new window/tab.

Download Cleeki for Google Chrome

11. ChromeMailer


ChormeMailer is an application to send emails via Gmail, either directly or when you click on the links mailto: instead of opening another mail client.

Download Chrome Mailer Extension for Google Chrome

12. ChromePass


ChromePass add-on recovers usernames and passwords that are stored on Google Chrome browser. Simply install this add-on plugin and retrieve all the details.

Download ChromePass extension for Google Chrome

13. TPGoogleReader


This extension reside in the toolstrip and alerts you as to how many feeds you have unread inside your Google Reader account. Besides doing this, it also adds an RSS icon to your address bar allowing you to subscribe to a sites RSS feed with your Google account.

Download TPGoogleReader extension for Chrome

14. Chrome Gestures

Chrome Gestures addon adds a number of mouse gestures to Chrome browser.

Download Chrome Gestures addon

15. Sticky Notes

Chrome Sticky Notes adds an inbuilt notepad to Chrome which can be launched by clicking on the little notepad icon on the toolstrip. You get the option to save your sticky note for future reference, and you can view it even if you restart your browser.

Download Sticky notes extension for Chrome

16. Chritter

Chritter is a Chrome Twitter notifier which shows recent tweets in the toolstrip, fetches new tweets every 5 minutes and linkifies http://links, @usernames and #hashtags

Download Chritter for Google Chrome



Download add-on

18. Greasemetal

Greasemetal Extension can be said as the Firefox Greasemonkey addon for Google Chrome. Greasemonkey addon is for firefox which let you to run userscripts (user defined javascripts to modify the webpages being displayed).

Download Greasemetal extension for Google Chrome

19. Drag n Go Plugin

With Drag n Go Plugin you dont need to right-click and then select “Open in New Tab“ to open new links in background tab or foreground. All you need to do is to just drag the links to very small distance and drop it.

Download Drag-n-go plugin for Google Chrome

20. Facebook Notifications

It retrieves the number of notifications from your Facebook account. You have to be logged in to Facebook for this extension to work.

Download Facebook Notifications plugin for Google Chrome

21. Aniweather


Detailed weather report in the browser’s toolstrip. Also available as a Firefox addon.

Download Aniweather plugin for Google Chrome

22. Google Chrome Extension Manager

Now with all those amazing extensions installed onto your browser, you can enable, disable or delete the extensions from the application itself by installing this add-on!

Download Google Chrome Extension Manager

So, which add-on you found as the most useful? Do you know of any other useful Google chrome extension? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


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