AI has revolutionized our lives in every way. From self-driving cars to intelligent assistants, AI is everywhere. Today, even professional writers use AI writing tools to write better articles, email copy, ad copy, sales letters, and more.

best ai writing chrome extensions

With the advent of AI, the demand for AI writing tools has increased drastically. As a result, there are now a variety of AI writing tools available in the form of websites, apps, and extensions.

Most writers spend their time writing in their web browsers. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. We have picked out the 14 best Google Chrome extensions to improve productivity and the writer’s experience.

From simple grammar checkers to advanced writing tools, these Chrome extensions can help writers increase their writing speed, quality, and efficiency.

Benefits of Using AI Writing Tool

  1. Increased Writing Efficiency: AI writing extensions for Chrome can speed up your writing process by giving you suggestions for phrases, sentences, and even entire paragraphs. This will save you time and help you create content faster and easier.
  2. Improved Writing Quality: These AI writing Chrome extensions can improve the quality of your texts by suggesting changes to sentence structure, grammar, and syntax. This can help you produce more polished and professional content.
  3. Enhanced Content Consistency: AI writing extensions for Chrome can help you maintain consistency in your writing style and tone across multiple pieces of content. This can be especially helpful if you’re writing for a brand or working on a project with a specific style guide.
  4. Time-Saving Capabilities: By automating certain aspects of the writing process, AI writing Chrome extensions can help you complete tasks more efficiently. This frees up time for you to focus on other important aspects of your work, such as research or editing.
  5. Boost your SEO Rankings: Most AI writing extensions now come with SEO features. These features help you write better content and improve your SEO rankings.

Best AI Writing Chrome Extensions

While we have tested these extensions on Google Chrome, they should work just fine on all other Chromium browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and others. Also, the extensions aren’t in any particular order as such. So go through all the extensions in the list to know what suits you better.


writecream google chrome extension

WriteCream was introduced in 2019 as an AI writing tool. Now the Chrome extension offers more than 35 different tools for you to try, such as email personalization, blog ideas, headlines for social media posts, headline generators, and more.

It works on almost all major platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, and more.

Using Writecream is very simple. Add it to the list of Google Chrome extensions and sign in with your account. You need to create an account to use the WriteCream extension. When you create it, open any website where you want to create content. Click on the extension, choose the type of prompt, and enter the text in the desired fields.

Choose the type of content you want to generate and fill in the required text field. The Chrome extension automatically generates high-quality AI-generated content for the website. Writecream is also available as a standalone app for Android and iOS.

Add Writecream to Google Chrome 



Next, we have Wordtune, another popular AI-generated Chrome extension. Wordtune comes with a standalone editor and also extension support for web pages. With the editor, you can create custom documents and author AI-generated content. You can simply ask Wordtune to generate AI content, for example, “Write a blog post about the benefits of exercise.” Wordtune will automatically write AI-generated blog posts. You can also upload documents to summarize, rewrite, change the tone, shorten, and more.

Wordtune is also available as an extension. It works on almost all popular platforms like LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp web, Slack web, Facebook, and more. You can click on the Wordtune icon and generate content.

Depending on the type of website, the Chrome extension will automatically adjust the style and features. For example: when writing an email, you can change the tone and end the sentence. When you use Wordtune on Google Docs, it comes with an additional spice option where you can use the extension to write AI-generated content, expand the sentence, add examples, define words, add a joke, facts, quotes, and more.

Using Wordtune is simple. Install the extension from the Google Chrome web store, pin the extension, and click on it. You will be redirected to the sign-up page, where you can sign up with a Google or social account or log in if you already have a Wordtune account. The free version of word tune offers 10 rewrites per day. You can upgrade to the premium account to get unlimited rewrites.

Add Wordtune to Google Chrome

Jasper AI

jasper everywhere extension

Jasper AI is a powerful tool for content marketers. It is used by many well-known companies such as Google, Airbnb, IBM, and others.

Jasper AI helps you create in-depth articles, high-converting ad copy and marketing campaigns, product descriptions, and much more. With the pre-built templates, you can simply enter the small context into Jasper, and the extension will generate high-quality content for you.

It includes more than 60+ templates to get you started. For example, if you want to generate a unique blogpost intro, the blog post title generator template lets you enter the title, some context about the type of intro, and the number of issues you want. Within no time, the Chrome Extensions app will generate your blog post intro.

Other features of the app include Boss mode, which generates full-length blog posts, and Jasper Chat, where you can easily chat with the AI to generate content just like ChatGPT. And Surfer SEO integration, where you can apply all SEO strategies to optimize your content for Google. And much more.

Similarly, the Jasper AI tool can also create illustrations for ads, thumbnails, and more. It is the best tool for content publishers, social media managers, copywriters, bloggers, and many more.

Using Jasper AI is very simple. Add the extension to Google Chrome, and sign in with your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here. With the free version, you can create content with 10,000 words for free. Later you will need to sign up for a Pro plan.

After you create your account, click on the robot icon that appears just below the text box. You can tap on it to activate Jasper AI. Depending on the page, the extension will automatically select the template for you. Just enter the required templates, and your AI content will be generated.

Add Jasper to Google Chrome

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chat sonic google chrome extension

ChatSonic is derived from the popular AI writing tool WriterSonic. It uses the ChatGPT capabilities of the Chrome extension for conversations.

Using ChatSonic is very simple. Add the extension to Google Chrome. That’s it. A new ChatSonic icon will appear in each text field. You can tap on it to create AI content. Depending on the page, the extension will automatically choose the template for you.

You can also launch the Chrome extension by simply pressing CTRL+M on Windows (Cmd+M on Mac) or tapping the icon in the bottom left corner of your browser window.

chatsonic icon

ChatSonic can be used on almost all platforms, including Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. The free version of the extension offers 100 free monthly generators with an available word limit of 10,000 words.

Add ChatSonic to Google Chrome

Longshot AI

longshot ai - long form writing assistant

With Longshot AI, you can easily rephrase, summarize, adjust the tone of voice, and much more. The extension works on almost all websites and helps you research, create, and long-form content in minutes. It’s one of the few AI writing extensions which claim to fact-check the content produced.

Using Longshot AI is very simple and easy. Add the extension to Google Chrome and create your account. It works on almost all popular websites. Depending on the use case, you can use LongShot to create content, rephrase it, change the tone, and much more.

Even though the extension claims to be free, we couldn’t find a free plan when signing up for the account on the platform.

Add LongShot to Google Chrome

Scalenut: AI-powered writer

scalenut google chrome extension

The next choice on our list is Scalenut. The Chrome extension lets you create high-quality content using pre-made content templates, from social to long blog posts.

The extension also offers content rephrasing, where you can select the text and rephrase it instantly; a commanding feature that lets you further execute the selected phrase or sentence, autocomplete, which lets you complete the paragraph by analyzing the already written text; and much more.

Using the extension is simple and straightforward. Add the extension to Google Chrome. After successful installation, you will be redirected to an external website where you can create an account and sign up for the free trial. Visit any website and launch the extension. You can pin the extension to Google Chrome and tap on it.

Add Scalenut to Google Chrome


rytr google chrome extension

Rytr is the most popular AI writing assistant used by many authors to generate AI content with ease. The extension supports up to 30+ templates, including sales and marketing, blog posts, social media posts, ad copies, product descriptions, and more.

It also has built-in plagiarism checking and team management for managing multiple users.

To use the Rytr extension, you need to activate it first. First, add the extension to Google Chrome, then tap on the extension and click Activate. You will then be redirected to the Ryte website. From here, you can sign up for the account. The extension will be activated, and you will get 10k monthly credits for free.

I found it very difficult to use this extension at first. After reading through the documentation and FAQ, I finally figured out how to use this extension.

  • Click on Chrome’s extension icon and pin Rytr for easy access
  • Set the preferred language and sound. You can also enable or disable extensions for a specific website
  • Select the text (between 30 and 300 characters) to see the Rytr icon and click it to open the toolbar (ribbon). You must select at least 30 words to enable Rytr’s inline tools.
  • Instruct Rytr to perform the operation on the selected text.
  • Rytr will automatically replace the selected text.

Add Rytr to Google Chrome google chrome extension

Frase is an awesome tool for optimizing your content for SEO. It’s an all-in-one content writing solution for bloggers, content creators, and marketers to create high-quality content in less time.

With Frase, you can easily research, create long-form content, analyze Google SERP results, and more. The automated content briefing helps you create detailed SEO content. With the article rewriter, you can rewrite the entire article with just a single click. Frase supports multilingual optimization in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish.

Overall, Frase is the best tool for SEOs. It has all the important tools and features that can help you with researching, briefing/outlining, writing, and content optimization in just a few steps.

Using is very simple and easy to use. Add the extension to Google Chrome and pin it. Visit any website and click on the extension. The extension primarily focuses on summarizing the content. You can use Frase Free Tools to create blog intros, outros, paragraphs, and more.

Add to Google Chrome

AI Seo


AI SEO is a popular SEO tool that helps optimize content for SEO. It is also available as a Chrome extension that allows you to create AI content.

With AI Seo, you can quickly create paraphrased content and generate engaging content. It has seven modes for different writing use cases, including commands, reformulations, abbreviations, extensions, formal, creative, full, and more.

The AI SEO tool lets you quickly edit your written content with inline tools. Just select the text and choose any mode, and the tool will do the rest.

To use AI SEO, add the extension to Google Chrome. Now pin the extension and click on it. Before you can use the extension, you need to create an account. To create it, click the Login button. You will be redirected to the extension’s website. You can sign in with your Google account or use your social login or email to sign in.


After signing up, you will be redirected to the AI SEO dashboard with 10 free credits. You can use the credit directly from the dashboard, or you can go to the page where you want to use the plugin. Click on the extension and click “Open” in the sidebar. The sidebar will open, and you can select the type from Paraphrase, Command, Complete, and Select Mode to enter the text and generate content. You can upgrade to the Pro plan. The price plans are as above.

Add AI SEO to Google Chrome

HyperWrite AI

hyper write google chrome extension

HyperWrite AI is a nice tool for those who want to write content in less time. The extension comes with three features that make writing easy and simple.

The first function is called Type Head. Similar to Gboard’s Smart Compose features and automatic suggestions, the extension automatically suggests words and complete sentences. And the apps also learn your writing behavior and get better over time.

The second feature is the rewrite function. You can simply highlight the text and use the inline tools to rewrite entire sentences or paragraphs in just a few minutes. Besides, the extension allows you to convert your selected text into different languages.

The third feature is the automatic writing function, which generates up to five outputs when you use the extension and specify a small context. Based on your preferences, you can choose any output and use it in your documents.

Using the Hyper Write extension is very simple. Add the extension to Google Chrome. Once you have added it, pin the extension and tap on it to log in.

You will be redirected to the external website where you can sign up for a new account. Later, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Now go back to the page where you want to use the extension. After successful login, you will see a Hyperwriting icon at the bottom right of the browser window. You can tap on the icon to quickly access the Hyperwriting tools. You can use the tools and various templates to create the content quickly.

The extension is free to use. It offers 500 Type heads/per day, 15 generations/per month, and 15 rewrites per month. The Pro prices are as follows.

hyperwrite plans

Add Hyper Write Extension to Google Chrome

Research AI

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to use AI tools for writing. Research AI is the best Google Chrome extension for you. Just add it to Google Chrome, pin it, and tap on the extension. Choose the type of content you want to create and enter the context; then, the extension will automatically generate AI content for you.

research ai chrome extension

The reason I emphasize this is that I tested most AI tools for writing, and almost all of the tools asked me to sign up for the service. With Research AI, there is no sign-up process; the AI content is simply generated directly.

You can use Research AI on any website. Includes 15 of the best templates, such as generating blog post titles, blog post outlines, blog ideas, product ideas, Facebook and Google ad copy, email subject lines, ecom product titles, product features, and more.

The UI is also clean, with no additional elements. And the best thing about this extension is that with the free plan, you can create an unlimited number of projects with a limit of 2000 words. The details of the other plans are as follows.

research ai chrome extension pricing

Overall, Research AI is the best Chrome extension if you want to create AI content with simple and easy steps without paying and creating an account in advance.

Add Research AI to Google Chrome

Compose AI

compose ai chrome extension

Compose AI is a powerful writing tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automate the writing process. With just a few clicks, you can generate text, auto-complete sentences, rephrase words, compose emails, and reply to messages. Whether you need to write blog posts, marketing texts, or research papers, Compose AI is there for you.

The Compose AI extension offers a core feature called Autocomplete, which allows users to complete sentences across different websites easily. By pressing the Tab key, users can quickly accept a suggestion and save time typing.

For those who need to compose emails quickly, Compose AI offers an AI assistant called Compose Now. Users can activate the assistant by pressing Option+G (or Alt+G) and generate quick responses or ideas to edit and personalize.

The Easy Email Reply feature is another useful tool that Compose AI offers. With just one click, users can professionally reply to emails using AI-generated responses that relate to the context of the original email.

Compose AI’s “Rephrasing” feature also allows users to easily rephrase sentences without having to rewrite them. Simply highlight the text you want to change and choose whether to shorten it, expand it, rephrase it, or make it sound friendlier or more formal. With Compose AI’s powerful tools, writing has never been easier.

Using Compose AI is simple. Add the extension to Google Chrome and pin it. Now click on the extension and create an account. Upon creation, you will see a new icon that will automatically be added to the text box on any website where you want to generate text. The pricing of the app is as follows.

compose ai pricing plans

Add Compose AI Extension to Google Chrome

ChatGPT Writer

chatgpt-writer google chrome extension

You must have heard of ChatGPT, which has been making waves on the Internet. People all over the world use ChatGPT in different ways, and even writers and SEO professionals use it to create high-quality content.

But as we said in our article on the best Google ChatGPT extensions, ChatGPT can only be used in a single window, extensions like WriterGPT extend the functionality of ChatGPT.

As for ChatGPT Writer features, you can use this extension to create the best email responses. Just give the extension the context and an overview of your response, and the extension will instantly generate high-quality responses to your email.

You can use it as a standalone extension or add it directly as a Gmail extension. The extension is completely free to use. Just add the extension to Google Chrome, pin it, and visit any page you want to reply to. The extension also works for message replies. Just enter the context of your message and type your reply. The extension will generate a reply, and you can simply copy and paste it into the reply.

Check the email or message before clicking the “Send” button if you are in a professional conversation.

Add ChatGPT Writer to Google Chrome

Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App

grammarly google chrome extension

Almost every writer revises their draft to make sure it doesn’t contain grammatical or spelling errors. On average, users take at least 20-30 minutes to complete this task. This is very important because simple grammar and spelling mistakes make a text less meaningful and unprofessional.

Tools like Grammarly can help you save time and correct grammar and spelling mistakes by simply clicking on the appropriate word. If you don’t use Grammarly, you’ll waste a lot of time correcting your spelling mistakes.

Grammarly is the best and most popular spelling help program. The best thing about Grammarly is that it highlights and suggests spelling mistakes in real-time. The extension also shows you the tone of your texts. With the extension, you can easily correct grammar mistakes and rephrase entire sentences to make them better and much more.

Grammarly recently launched Grammarly Go, a new AI writing assistant tool to create AI content quickly. With Grammarly Go, users can quickly create drafts, outline content, quickly respond to emails, and more.

There is also a dedicated website for Grammarly with a text editor. And also offers a Pro subscription that brings additional add-ons like the reframing of sentences, readability scores, and more.

Add Grammarly to Google Chrome

How to Choose the Best AI Writing Assistant Chrome Extension

  1. Consider your writing goals: Before you choose an AI extension for Chrome, consider what you want to achieve with your writing. Do you want to improve your grammar and spelling? Do you want to brainstorm ideas for blog posts or articles? Do you want to improve the readability of your content? Different AI writing programs offer different features, so choose an extension that fits your goals.
  2. Features: Different AI extensions offer different features, so it’s important to weigh which features are most important for your needs. For example, some extensions focus on SEO and paraphrasing, while others can provide content suggestions or even generate entire paragraphs.
  3. Compatibility: Make sure that the AI writing extension you choose is compatible with the browser you use. Most AI writing extensions for Chrome are compatible with Google Chrome, but it’s important to make sure before downloading.
  4. Price: While some AI writing extensions for Chrome are free, others require a subscription or a one-time payment. Check if the price is worth the features and benefits offered by the extension.
  5. User Interface: A good user interface can make a big difference in the user experience of an AI-writing Chrome extension. Look for an extension with an easy-to-use interface that you find intuitive and user-friendly.
  6. Look for customization options: Some AI writing tools allow you to customize suggestions based on your writing style or preferences. Look for tools that offer these customization options to get the best results.

Enhance Your Writing Experience

With these AI Writing Chrome extensions, writers can improve their writing practice and produce high-quality content in less time. Each tool offers different features for different aspects of writing. From outlining content to optimizing it, these tools offer everything you need.

We hope you find this list helpful. Let us know in the comments below which extension you liked and if you will add it to your list of Google Chrome extensions and use it the next time you write.

FAQs on AI Writing Extensions

loader image

AI writing Chrome extensions can be used for a variety of writing tasks, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more. However, they may not be as effective for highly technical or scientific texts that require specific terminology and knowledge.

There are a few AI extensions for writing emails. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • Compose AI: helps you write emails faster and more effectively.
  • Type.AI: uses natural language processing to help you write emails that are clear, concise, and persuasive.
  • ChatGPT Writer: uses ChatGPT to generate entire emails for you.

There are many great AI tools for Gmail, but some of the best include

  • Compose AI: write emails that are clear, concise, and effective.
  • Grammarly: catch grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in your emails.
  • ProWritingAid: identify passive voice and wordiness.
  • Hemingway Editor: make your emails more concise and easy to read.
  • Cliche Finder: identify and remove clichés from your emails.
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