It’s been a long time since we spoke about Megaupload and Rapidshare hacks. I am not in touch with these file hosting services off late and hence didn’t have much to write about. But I bumped across this trick which enables Free users to download files directly from Megaupload and thought of letting everyone know about it. Using this you can get all the benefits of Megaupload premium account features like download files without entering captcha, no countdown timer, get better download speeds and simultaneous download capacity.


How to Download Files from Megaupload like a Premium user?

Follow these simple steps which are exampled via an example in order to convert normal Megaupload links to premium links download links.

1. Take the Megaupload file link you like to download.

2. In the address bar, remove “/?” and add “/mgr_dl.php?

3. Now the link will look like this –


4. Just press ENTER or paste the link into your favorite download manager.

I am not sure till when this hack will work, since it won’t be too tough for Megaupload to change the link structure. Anyway, this was only for informational purposes to know and understand how easy it is to expose the unintelligent URL framework behind popular services.

[via]PC’s Place | MegaLeecher

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20 thoughts on “Megaupload Hack – Download Files as Premium User

  1. Hii raju! I want to mention that the link that you posted for example is a link to download a movie! This is a kind of piracy and I suppose you are against it.. So I encourage you to change the url of Megaupload to some other file..

    Thank you

  2. Dear Raju,

    I had posted the hack first on my blog here – from where it got copied elsewhere, I think its justified to post link back to original source or not link at all as it sort of supports bloggers copying others work/find.

    Being a blogger I hope you understand this, looking forward for a long lasting mutually benefical relationship.


    PS: I created a handy bookmarklet for automating things – I guess sharing that with your readers will make things easier from them.

  3. It does work but apparently only once for any given file. If you accidentally cancel a download and retry you’ll fail. Megaupload leeching is better. Search for Gopro4vn!

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