Good news for those who keep looking at Amazon’s humongous collection of products (at mouth-watering prices) and fret over the fact that, at times, the international shipping costs are exceptionally high. AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping is now available for India. This means, that purchases above $125 are eligible for Free Shipping to India from Amazon US. Considering that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner, this news should sound sweeter for our Indian friends.

One thing should be made clear right away – not every product on Amazon store can be shipped to India. But there are quite a lot of eligible products, across categories & segments, at your disposal. The real pain would be to know how to find those eligible products. Well, we let you know how.

How to find Products eligible for free shipping to India on Amazon?

There are two ways to go about finding the eligible products. First way is to search for the product you are interested in on Amazon’s search box and add it to your cart. You’ll be asked to sign-in to your Amazon account. In the next screen, you will see if that product is eligible for AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping or not.


But the issue is, not all products are eligible for Global shipping. So, I’d suggest you to search for the category of the product, rather than the specific brand. For example, instead of searching for Nikon D7000, search for DSLR and then click on the department Camera & Photo on top left, and finally the AmazonGlobal Eligible link below International Shipping on left sidebar. This will list all the eligible products under that category. Hence makes it easier for you to find the product you might like to purchase under AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program.


You can repeat the process for different category of products or even for different models of a specific brand. I was amazed to see the amount of options I got for DSLR cameras, camcorders and many other categories. There are some catches though:

  • Minimum of $125 worth of order should be placed in order to be eligible for Free shipping.
  • Though shipping is free, customs and import duties are still applicable.
  • Products weighing 20 pounds or more and certain oversized products aren’t eligible.

Amazon hasn’t specified how long they intend to keep the free shipping offer to India. If you’ve had your eyes set on some products on Amazon, now is the perfect time to get them shipped directly to your home, without asking that distant friend or relative for help.

Update: Many of you have been asking me about customs & import duties. This varies from 0% to 30% depending upon the category of the product. But the good thing is, Amazon lets you know these charges BEFORE you make the payment. So, there won’t be any surprises when the product(s) arrive(s) at your doorstep.

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  • Suresh Kumar

    Awesome offer 😀 Now Indians also can enjoy black Friday

  • Gagandeep Singh

    Has anyone got any idea how much the import customs and duties cost? For India.

    • Raju

      That depends on the product category. Good thing is, Amazon lets you know the custom/import duties before you make the payment.

    • Bharath

      Hello Gagan, If You’re looking at any Electronic Items then in Most cases you’ll need to pay $24 for $100 Purchase.

  • paul

    Thanks for sharing mate…

  • Munim

    This is ground breaking. I don’t think any of the big online retailers have offered something like this to it’s Indian customers before. I hope we get to see more of this in the future. Now heading to look for something eligible in the Amazon Global Super Saver Saving..

  • Abhigyan Banerjee

    Just one question. Do they ship USPS? The last time I shipped using USPS, it never reached me.

    • Raju

      They haven’t specified that. Couple of times I had shopped with them, they had shipped via DHL, but then it was not free shipping.

  • Prateek

    Is it still there? Didnt work for me :(

    • Raju

      Can you be more specific? What didn’t work?

  • Siddanth

    Can i use shop n ship account to ship it to India I am planning to get the Nexus 4 for 299$+ customs

    • Raju

      Well, you can. But why asking that question here? Amazon won’t be selling Nexus 4 anytime soon

      • Siddanth

        Yeah i thought they might in the black friday or cyber monday deals but i dont they will ;(

  • Aakash Rohilla

    Hi Raju! I am planning to buy a gadget from It qualifies for Amazon Global and it’s cost is more than $125 but Amazon is showing shipping and handling fee about $60. I have read all terms and policies and it says that Singapore and India qualifies for Free Shipping. So why it is showing the shipping charges. And it says that Amazon has selected the least possible shipping rates for you. Here is a screenshot:

  • Aakash Rohilla

    Hi Raju! It’s me again. I have contacted Amazon. They said there is a problem in their Site. They told me to contact them after placing the order and they will waive the shipping charges. By the way, thanks for this informative post.

    • Raju

      Am glad you got it sorted.