The Ordeal is Over… Or Has it Really?

by: - Last updated on: September 26th, 2020

When I slept last night at 2am, I was not hoping to see the site up and running. But @ 6.30am, was so excited to see Technically Personal accessible again!

I am trying to take a complete backup in case I decide to move out of LP. Unfortunately getting network timeout error :( will keep on trying anyway.

It says Account suspended when i try to access cPanel. I now feel there is something happening more than just a network error. My friends in Australia, India, HK, USA are able to access the website, but not me. Just 2 minutes after I connected to FTP, it stopped working. What does this indicate?

Its getting way too obvious. I was able to connect and access the wordpress admin panel from office. I backed up the database and was backing up few important wordpress themes through FTP and the error comes back!! Why the hell are they trying to block me from taking the backup?

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  1. Oh Great,
    Nice to find you live and running.
    What are the next plans.
    If you can afford VPS, I will suggest you to move over as soon as possible, if you want to continue this blog for even one year from now.
    You goota be in trouble with every shared hosting, whichever host you choose.

  2. I have realized that i can’t be with shared hosting any longer. initially i resisted the temptation of going for VPS for 2 reasons basically –
    1. My site is not getting so much traffic that it deserved a VPS
    2. I had paid for 1 year of hosting to LP and its just 3 months now.
    But, seeing the exponential rise in the traffic and the hassles involved in this shared hosting, I have decided to move on to VPS. Just need to decide which one.