PC Tools Registry Mechanic is known to be an awesome tool to clean up and maintain the Windows Registry system. This ensures that the system is free of errors and in turn speeds up the CPU and memory processing capabilities of the PC. Registry Mechanic uses a very efficient algorithm in finding and identifying the problems in the registry and it comes with a FREE and Premium versions.

Premium version of Registry Mechanic costs $29.95 for 1 year license. It offers a clean and clear design for simple navigation. For a complete set of Features, visit the PC Tools website

pc tools registry mechanic

How to Get a Free License of PC Tools Registry Mechanic?

1. Go to the Promotion Site.
2. Fill out your name, email and country and submit. Make sure you give a valid email address.
3. License details will be eMailed to you within a short time.
4. Now you have to download the correct version of Registry Mechanic because this license is valid for only a specific version of Registry Mechanic. Download Registry Mechanic 7 from the following link:

Download Link

5. Just in case, for some reason, the above promotion link does not work, then download Registry Mechanic from the above link and Click Register and then click Get free License. This will lead you to the free license promo page.

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