Twitter is one of the best platforms we have to share our thoughts, meet like-minded people and exchange ideas. As we are on Twitter for many years, our perspectives and opinions can change. We may not like the opinions we tweeted a few years ago.

how to bulk delete tweets

We may accumulate hate over the years, and people are ready to throw our own tweets at us with conflicting views years apart to prove a point. This becomes an embarrassing issue. Then we have to mass delete the tweets we do not approve of. In this guide, we’ll show you several tools you can use to bulk delete tweets on Twitter.

Why Bulk Delete Tweets on Twitter?

  • Changing views: People change over time. The thoughts, opinions, and perspectives we had a few years ago may not be the same today. They change over time. They change with the people we interact with regularly and the information we consume. There may be tweets that share the opinion we now despise.
  • Reputation: If you have been on Twitter for a long time, you have many friends who share the same views or interests. If you are an active Twitter user, you may meet people with conflicting views. Everyone may not come to the same point of view after reading a tweet from you. It could be misunderstood and cause tension in your environment. To maintain the reputation you have built over the years, you may need to delete tweets that are misunderstood or taken out of context.
  • Legal reasons: Governments actively monitor social media, including Twitter. If you have inadvertently tweeted views that are harmful to a region, culture, or group of people, you can expect legal trouble. To avoid this, you should delete tweets that are harmful in bulk.
  • Start fresh: People always want to start over and change things. In such a case, you should delete tweets in bulk and start over with new ideas, thoughts, etc.

These are some of the reasons why you should delete tweets in bulk on Twitter.

How to Bulk Delete Tweets Using These Freemium Tools

Twitter only allows the manual deletion of individual tweets. There is no way to delete tweets in bulk. Many third-party services that have access to the Twitter API have developed tools that allow you to delete tweets, retweets and likes at will. You just need to call them and give them access to your Twitter account. They’ll delete the tweets you choose based on the options provided.

Below you’ll find some of the freemium tools that will let you delete tweets in bulk.



Circleboom is a top-notch tool that offers an excellent solution for managing your Twitter profile by removing tweets and likes in bulk. It presents a seamless process to efficiently search, browse, and delete all your tweets. Circleboom even allows you to delete tweets by keyword, date, and language.

Should you wish to delete more than 3200 tweets in bulk, Circleboom enables you to upload your Twitter archive, granting access to your older tweets for deletion. The tool boasts features to delete all tweets simultaneously, seek out liked tweets, remove multiple tweets with just one click, and find other valuable insights about your followers.

Circleboom has Free, Pro, Multi, Business, and Enterprise pricing plans. With a Circleboom subscription, you will be able to access amazing features and tools to grow your Twitter accounts and increase your followers.

Visit Circleboom



TweetDeleter is one of the best tools you can use to delete tweets and likes on your Twitter profile in bulk. You can use it to search, browse and delete your tweets quickly. TweetDeleter lets you delete tweets and likes automatically after a few days.

If you have more than 3200 tweets on your profile that you want to delete in bulk, you need to upload your Twitter archive so that TweetDeleter can access your older tweets. Tweet Deleter provides features to delete all tweets at once, search for liked tweets, delete multiple tweets in one click, and save and keep deleted tweets.

TweetDeleter is a freemium service that has its best features in paid plans. In the free version, you can delete only 5 tweets per month. To delete more than 5 tweets and use the advanced features, you need to upgrade to a paid plan that suits your needs.

Visit TweetDeleter


TweetDelete used to be one of the best services for deleting bulk tweets and likes, allowing up to 3200 tweets per month. Due to the rise of Twitter’s API fees, most of its features have moved to paid plans.

Now, with, you can delete only 100 tweets and likes per month on your Twitter account. To delete more tweets, you’ll need to purchase a paid plan. You can use TweetDelete to delete tweets older than 3 months or to delete tweets of your choice.

You can also run Tweet Delete automatically every few days to delete your tweets and likes.

Visit TweetDelete



TweetEraser is another great tool that lets you delete tweets and likes on your Twitter account instantly. You can see the tweets and likes on your account on TweetEraser when you log in to TweetEraser with your Twitter account.

You can delete more than 3200 tweets with a Twitter archive. You can schedule automatic deletions of tweets every few days according to your need on TweetEraser. With TweetEraser, you can even delete tweets that contain a word/phrase in advanced mode.

TweetEraser is a premium tool that has three types of paid plans: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. They all have different features that can help you mass delete tweets and likes on your Twitter account.

Visit TweetEraser

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Delete All Tweets Free (Firefox Extension)

Delete all tweets free is a Firefox browser extension that automatically deletes all tweets on your account one by one. When you install the extension on Firefox and log in to Twitter, this extension adds a Delete all Tweets button to the Twitter profile page.

When you click the button, the tweets are deleted one by one, which takes a lot of time if you have thousands of tweets. This extension does not access the Twitter API to delete your tweets. It accesses your Twitter account directly and automates the manual process of deleting tweets one by one.

Download and install Delete all tweets free

Wipe Your Twitter Account Clean by Deleting All Tweets and Likes

To clean up your Twitter account by deleting all tweets and likes on your Twitter profile, you need to use one of the third-party tools mentioned above. Since Twitter does not have such a feature to delete tweets in bulk, it can be helpful in doing so.

Use them at your own discretion and delete your Twitter account.

FAQs on How to Mass Delete Tweets Using These Freemium Tools

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With tools like TweetDelete, TweetEraser, Circleboom, etc., you can easily delete up to 3200 tweets if you are subscribed to a paid plan. If you want to delete more than 3200 tweets, you need to request a Twitter archive from Twitter and upload it to the service you use to delete the tweets. The service then accesses and deletes the tweets using the Twitter archive.

Twitter never deletes old tweets unless your account is suspended due to a violation. Even in that case, you lose access to your Twitter account, and your account and the tweets it contains remain on Twitter's servers until you get it back after an appeal.

Yes, you can use tools like Circleboom, TweetEraser, TweetDelete, TweetDeleter, etc., to delete tweets in bulk quickly. These are paid tools that require you to subscribe to use their services to the fullest.

Deleting all tweets will cost you up to $6. If you want to repeat this process every month, use the services of third-party tools like TweetEraser.

If you deactivate your Twitter account, all your tweets will not be deleted until 30 days after deactivation. If you do not reactivate your Twitter account within 30 days, all of your tweets, as well as your Twitter account, will be deleted and no longer accessible. You will need to start using Twitter again by creating a new account.

There are a few ways to mass delete tweets:

  • Use Twitter's built-in tools: Twitter allows you to delete up to 3,200 tweets at a time. To do this, go to your Twitter profile and click on the "Tweets & Replies" tab. Then, click on the checkbox next to the tweets you want to delete and click on the "Delete" button.
  • Use a third-party tool: There are a number of third-party tools that can help you mass delete tweets. Some of these tools, such as TweetDeleter and Semiphemeral, allow you to delete all of your tweets at once. Others, such as TweetEraser and Soaster, allow you to delete tweets based on specific criteria, such as keywords or dates.
  • Upload your tweet archive: If you have more than 3,200 tweets, you can upload your tweet archive to a third-party tool and delete them from there. This is a good option if you want to delete all of your tweets at once or if you want to delete tweets that are older than 3,200.
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