Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) is the Windows counterpart of  Linux Apache server. It is the second most popular HTTP server in the world after Apache. IIS provides the following services: FTP (File transfer protocol), SMTP for email and HTTP for web server. In this article we will explain you how to install IIS on Windows 7.

Note: The IIS server is not available with Windows 7 Home edition. So, you must have Windows 7 Professional edition or Ultimate edition for installing IIS web server.

How to Install Microsoft IIS Server on Windows 7

  1. Insert your Windows 7 installation disk into optical drive and goto Start> Control Panel > Programs.
  2. From the dialog box that opens, click on Turn Windows features on or off.
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  4. Another dialog box will open that will contain a list of many Windows features which are not yet installed on your computer.
  5. Now, you have to check the box for ‘Internet Information Services (IIS)‘ leaving all the default installation settings intact.
  6. Once IIS server is installed on your computer, you can view your homepage by typing “http://localhost” in the address bar of your web browser. The default root path, where you can store your the files of your website is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ assuming that Windows is installed in “C:” drive.

By following these steps, you can setup your own HTTP to test your website locally on you computer, before uploading it to Internet. You can also setup your own server to host your website permanently on your computer, instead of an online hosting provider. You can also use this server alternatively, as an FTP server to easily share files with your friends. So, setup your own server on Windows 7 and enjoy !

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