What’s with January 29th 2010? First it was WinPatrol Plus who announced an exciting deal where you could get the lifetime license for less than a dollar, and now, it is Tall Emu’s Online Armor ++, which is being offered for FREE via giveawayoftheday on 29th Jan itself!

I wouldn’t dare to compare Online Armor with WinPatrol, but whenever I have used Online Armor Free it left me quite impressed with its leak-test and HIPS performance. Online Armor++ comes with all of the power of Online Armor, but additionally includes the award-winning dual Emsisoft/Ikarus Dual Antivirus and Antimalware engine!

Online Armor protects your passwords and private information from being stolen by blocking the keylogger as it tries to activate. Online Armor’s behavior detection ensures that even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and prevented.

If not for other things, I would recommend Online Armor for its Firewall capabilities.

You would never see me writing about giveaways on, but this time it is a fantastic offer that gives you a chance to own a premium security suite for free (normally costs $60), so don’t miss your chance on Friday, January 29th. Check out this page to know about Online Armor ++ features in greater detail.

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