Facebook has just updated their outrageous privacy settings aimed to clear all apprehensions and accusations. It is definitely not as simple as we had thought, but still makes good first impressions. If you check your Facebook homepage right now, you will find this message on top.


Oh yes, you should head back to the privacy settings under Account tab or just click here to go to the privacy tab directly and have a look at how your current privacy settings look like.


This is how my settings look like. Except for the Bio, I do not share anything else publicly. I believe anyone with an iota of care about their privacy should also do the same. But wait, can you see the “Recommended” tab on the left? That is what Facebook recommends to all its users. Let us check what it says


Share my status, photos, posts, family and relationships with everyone? Really? Is this what you recommend Mr. Zuckerberg? Of course this is what Facebook has been recommending in the recent past (and shamelessly made it the default settings). I wonder on what basis they recommend these settings for the users.

It is perfectly fine if anyone decides to make their status and photos public, but that should be an opt-in setting rather than default. At-least this time, facebook has not imposed their recommended settings on existing users by resetting their current privacy settings, a lesson they learnt the hard way.

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