Replace Font In Wordpress With AnyFont Wordpress Plugin

by: - Last updated on: October 30th, 2019

If you are a webmaster you will know how important your website/blog looks when people come across to it through social media or any search engine. There are certain things kept in mind before you are going to make a new website/blog. These are – the niche of your site, a good layout, good typography, and other things. Well in this article I will share the most important part of the site/blog, i.e. how your text (content) looks to visitors that comes across to your blog.

Adding custom fonts to your blog is very difficult because for this you need a programming skill, as far as I know most of them hate it because you have to edit your CSS file (if you had design or coded your own theme then it is easy for you and if you are using free theme then you find it bit tricky and time consuming). And one more thing in addition to it, if your blog design uses a special type of font that doesn’t exist in reader’s machine, then you are creating a problem for yourself. To avoid all these problems you can easily add custom font to your wordpress blog.

Now it’s become quite easy to add custom fonts to your webpages because from the myriad of wordpress plugin gallery you can pick any plugin to customize the fonts of your blog. Well to do this, there is plugin “AnyFont Wordpress Plugin”, this plugin will let you to upload your own font files and you can easily apply them to any element of your site without editing any file or knowledge of html/css.

Some of the features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Compatible with WPMU/Wordpress 3.0
  • Font Manager to easily upload new fonts to Wordpress
  • Style Management which allows an unlimited number of different styles to be created
  • Font shadow options within the style manager(Requires PHP5 & ImageMagick).
  • Image Cache for generated images plus browser caching is enabled for images to reduce page load times
  • Cache overview and Management tool
  • Easy text replacement options for post titles, page titles, blog name, blog description and widget titles.
  • Image replacements are SEO compatible
  • Help icon for every single option to guide you when setting things up for the first time
  • Character Map to quickly check which characters are available for each font
  • Font shadows available by using Style Manager

Screenshots of this plugin are being listed below:

replace font in wordpress with anyfont wordpress plugin - anyfont 1

replace font in wordpress with anyfont wordpress plugin - anyfont 2

replace font in wordpress with anyfont wordpress plugin - anyfont 3

replace font in wordpress with anyfont wordpress plugin - anyfont 4

replace font in wordpress with anyfont wordpress plugin - anyfont 5

Download This awesome plugin from here: AnyFont Wordpress Plugin

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  1. Looks like exactly what I’m look for, I want to change the font style, color and maybe even size in the titles, headlines,widgets ect. I’m new to wordpress and I want to learn I hope this helps. I’ll post with review in future.