Facing slow page loading times or image theft? Then you might be in trouble because Google clearly mentioned that the next Page Rank Update will be based on the loading time for your site and as a blogger it is very important for you to improve the loading time of your site. There might be many factors which increase the loading time of your site but at this time we only discuss about images only. High Resolution Images will take a lot of time in loading and increases the loading time of your website. To reduce the loading time taken by images you have to use some of the tools, wordpress plugins or web apps. At TechPP we tried to collect the best available image slicing tools which can easily cut down the loading time of your website without affecting the quality of images. Some of the best Image Slicing Tools are:

Online Image Splitter

Online Image Splitter is a web utility that lets you to slice images into smaller segments without any loss in the image quality. In addition to this you can quickly create navigational bars with mouse-over effects. This application also provides HTML tags for pasting the sliced images together. It has lots of features like slicing out any format of images (JPG, GIF, PNG), HTML tagging for pasting slices back together, advanced options to optimize the images, automatic color selection for “no image” slices.

reduce loading time of images by using image slicing tools - online image optimizer

Image Cut

With this tool you can make your images load faster and improve the site ranking on search engines. With this tool you can split the image into two parts. Image Cut is SEO-aware and help you in improving site ranking by inserting ALT description image tags on every image which means you can add keyword-optimized titles and description for all your images.

reduce loading time of images by using image slicing tools - image cut

Batch It! Ultra

It is a windows based GUI batch Image Processor made for new users. It allows you to batch resize, rename, add captions, converts, create thumbnail gallery and slice images. It makes easy for every web designers or digital photographers to place their images up on the web or on CD_ROM in a neat thumbnail gallery.

reduce loading time of images by using image slicing tools - batch it up

HTML/XML Image Grid AS2

It allows you to display image collections in a HTML/CSS formatted grid. You can easily edit the external XML or HTML layout file using your favorite XML/HTML editor and the Flash applications will dynamically render it and scroll it for you. It has lots of features like image collections in HTML format, advanced text rendering options, custom library fonts, external style-sheet files, custom colors, transparency for borders and backgrounds, padding, spacing, highly customizable components, browser window re-size support, easy to adjust fading effects and each graphic element.

reduce loading time of images by using image slicing tools - html


reduce loading time of images by using image slicing tools - web imager
With WebImager, you can take the screenshot of any web page. WebImager ActiveX can capture the entire web page as JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF image on the fly. WebImager ActiveX Component uses Internet Explorer’s functionality to take (capture) a snapshot of a given URL. It utilizes the web browser control on Windows to download the webpage and then capture it as an image. It can easily be integrated into a variety of applications written in languages that support ActiveX Components such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, .Net languages, Java, Scripts like Perl, Php, Python.

Web Image Protector

With this tool you can protect your images on your web page from unauthorized cloning or internet theft. It divides your web image into pieces and generates HTML code that displays the whole image, thereby it prevents users from saving the image by right clicking and selecting “Save Image As..”. It also disables screen capture and page printing do that user have no way to copy your images.

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