Samsung Galaxy Tab hits Verizon Wireless on November 11th and is (over)priced at $599. The 7 inch Android tablet arrives 2 weeks after Apple’s iPad debut on Verizon for a $630 price.


Just like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab will be sold without contract and for a similar data plan – which starts at $20 per month, and comes with 1 GB of data. The Android tablet is expected to be sold on all four major US carriers – AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint & Verizon Wireless. Other 3 carriers are yet to announce their pricing and data plans for Galaxy tab.

Many were expecting the tablet to be priced sub-$200 with contract, but not to be. If you were planning to buy a tablet, does this news encourage or discourage you to go for Samsung Galaxy Tab? Shoot in your comments.


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