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Just around a month back we had told you about a promotional offer for Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7. In case you missed that, no need to fret. Here is an even better offer, for the latest version – Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8. Yes! You can get this latest software absolutely for free!

As you might already know, PowerDesk Professional is a simple to use Windows file management software which provides users a wide variety of tools to search, organize, edit, delete, copy, move, sort, zip, label, view, convert and so forth, performing as an expert, ultimate file manager for your Windows PC.

Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8 Features

  • Advanced File Finder
  • Multi-Pane File Viewer
  • Easy FTP Utility & Support
  • New Hard Drive Indexing
  • New Search Emails & Attachments
  • New Color Code Files & Folder

Grab a Free license of Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 8

Avanquest PowerDesk 8 Pro normally costs $39.95 or £29.99 for purchase. As part of Avanquest promotion offer, the interested users are now entitled to download the full version of the PowerDesk Professional 8 at no cost.

1. Visit the promotional offer page.

2. Enter the basic details as always. The page is in German, so check the helpful image below


3. Download Powerdesk pro 8 here.

4. Install the software and use the license key you got in email to register it for free!

Avanquest PowerDesk 8 Professional is fully compatible with Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32/64-bit) and Windows 7 (32/64-bit) operating systems.


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  1. This is wonderful – Thank you so much. I have used Powerdesk for years and years, was using version 7, nice to get v8, specially for free. :)

    Well done, thanks for sharing.

    A suggestion – I noticed at their FTP site there are various versions. The Multilingual version is a bit larger at 166 MB, but i’s also more up-to-date – being version 8.4.5. The file is located at :

    …might be worth considering it for your blog post, as the download link.

    Happy New year, thank you again.


  2. Do NOT download this product unless you are German or at least speak German. I assumed that when I installed it, it would have the option to install it in English but I did not see that option so I immediately uninstalled it.

  3. Offer was still valid as of 02-Jan-2014 – downloaded, installed and registered OK. And if you download from the link in the article you get the English version (offers English UK / US plus German install). Glad I found this.