15 Useful Chrome Extensions

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Chrome is one of the best web browsers at the moment. Recently, it was announced that the next version, Chrome 11, will be faster by 66%. This browser has three trumps for which people use it and most probably, will use it even more in the future:

Web-page rendering speed;

– Simplicity;



As Twitter and Facebook users, I was looking for a solution to harmoniously combine these two. Tweet Deck for PC may it be interesting, but I am more interested in not going out of the browser when I read tweets or check someone’s Facebook profile. Chrome’s polyvalence is given by its extensions and the quick install and managing mode.

We had listed down some of the most popular chrome extensions which was updated in Nov 2009. Now that we have many more extensions and add-ons developed, let us have a look at some interesting applications that can enhance your Chrome and web-browsing experience:

1. Speed Dial – Opera came with this function and a Chrome extension can allow you to set a panel with favorite blogs/websites.


2. Chromed Bird – great application to read the latest Twitter notifications and directly post into browser when you find new and interesting stuff. You can upload an image and the links are being shortened.


3. Awesome Screenshot – for the moments when you want to print and edit a screen shot straight from the browser. The options it has are pretty exhaustive and you don’t even need to install a dedicated program on PC.


4. PageRank – fun and knowledge. Even if these days, the page rank has stopped to count as it did in the past, it’s still fun to know, especially if you are a blogger or own a website, what is the traffic or online importance of the websites you visit.


5. RSS Subscription Extension – for those who want to extend their reader. Allows you to manage your subscription effortlessly and has a nice interface.


6. AdBlocker – the most downloaded extensions for Chrome and one of the most appreciated from the WebStore. If you’re sick and tired of all the advertising that you’re being bombarded with, this is the best solution. However, it could slow down your browser a little bit.


7. Yahoo! Messenger – for those that use the Yahoo Messenger, this is a pretty useful tool. Keep in touch with your friends while browsing at your own pace.


8. Cooliris – if you enjoy watching 3D animations, you’d like to have a browser to follow the same idea. On the 3D wall you can display images or contents of certain web-sites.


9. Google Mail Checker – Straight from the browser, you can access your Gmail account and save some moments.


10. Google Chrome to Phone Extension – allows you to send links, maps or texts with phone number to your phone. There’s one condition: the phone has to be on Android


11. TV Chrome – over 2.800 TV channels organized on countries and regions.


12. Feedly – information created and categorized as you wish. A reader made to deliver a pleasant, personalized experience. With the latest updates, it is more optimized.


13. Bit.ly – the most known links “shortener”. You need to have an account, then you will notice the real use of this application.


14. LastPas – useful for those who struggle saving and protecting their passwords. Free password and fill-up-forms manager.


15. WOT – community of people and experts who rate website based on their security and web authority. Helps you understand what websites you can trust and what websites are not what they appear to be.


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  1. Chrome is the best web browser ever. The extensions made it more secure and reliable to use. You have listed some best extensions here. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great list of chrome extensions.Current version of chrome is much faster than other browser.And if new version will be 66% faster its really a good news.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very useful extensions . I am always searching for good extensions for browsers, as I spend a considerable time with them !