Hola amigos! Get ready for the brand new Apple iPhone 5! There is no official confirmation about that yet, but an unofficial confirmation has arrived in the form of iPhone 4 to us, less fortunate Indians.

It has become a norm of sorts for Apple to dump their outdated soon to be replaced models in India and other developing countries. We just got a press release from Airtel, one of the biggest cellular service providers in India about bringing iPhone 4 to India. This has to be one of the shortest and vaguest press releases I have seen in the recent times.

New Delhi, 11th April 2011: Bharti Airtel will launch iPhone 4 in India in the coming months. iPhone 4 is the most innovative phone in the world, featuring Apple’s stunning Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone and FaceTime, which makes video calling a reality. For further information, please visit www.airtel.in. For more information on iPhone 4 please visit http://www.apple.com/iphone

Similar announcements were made by another cellular company, Aircel as well. As you can see above, there is no mention about the price or the release date of iPhone 4 in either of the press releases. “Coming months” can be 2012 as well! The prices of iPhone 4 are expected to be steep as was the case with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. In India, the carrier subsidy is always given for data plans alone and not for the handsets and it should be the case for iPhone 4 as well.

Apple had dumped their unsold inventory of iPad 1 in India back in January 2011, just a month prior to the announcement of iPad 2 in US and 25 other countries. Now, this announcement of iPhone 4 in India implies that the US launch of iPhone 5 is just around the corner. Don’t be surprised to see iPhone 5 by May 2011.

Apple or the cellular companies have never dared to talk about the number of iPhones (3G/3GS) and iPads they have managed to sell to the unlucky Indian consumers. I am sure the stats show a sorry figure. But they don’t seem to mind much, as they still see India as a dumping ground.

Dear (fellow) Indian fanboys, would you still be interested in buying an iPhone 4 on Airtel/Aircel? Let me know.

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