Guest Post by Asad Mubeen.

iPhone Docking Stations come in variety of shapes and can be used to decorate your home and office tables. Here we’ve featured some unique and amazing iPhone Docking Station designs which will surely give you a viewing pleasure.

1. iRetrofone Classic

iRetrofone Base is handmade from resin, a perfect resting place for your iPhone. USB plug although not included, but it can be used to charge and sync iPhone with a computer, available for $195.


2. Brachiosaurus iPhone Dock

It’s one of the most creative iPhone Dock. This roaming in the wild DIY Brachiosaurus dock can be easily made using knife and a rubber dinosaur.


3. NAJA King Stand Holder

NAJA King Stand Holder is designed to hold your iPhone safely. You can easily view videos with ease using this dock. The NAJA King can rotate 360 degree for wide-screen viewing on your iPhone. The flexible 3-foot long cable with coiling abilities makes it compact enough for traveling.


4. iCrystal

This one is really beauty to look at. It comes with two separated spherical pods with an illuminated teardrop which sheds blue light around the speaker. You can buy it for $79.99.


5. Wooden iPhone Docking Station

This handmade dock uses cedar wood and is available at $68. Enjoy tech and nature in one place.


6. Horus Multimedia Coffee Table

An advanced pyramid-shaped coffee table which contains two amplified speakers and a docking station for your iPhone. Listen to music or radio while charging your iPhone. Moreover, a LED system provides a light diffusion inside glass table which produces awesome effect. It’s available in 24 colors.


7. Edifier iF500

Edifier iF500 is an elegant all-in-one audio system with excellent audio quality. As an iPod, iPhone, MP3 docking station or FM radio you can get outstanding visual and audio experience.


8. The iPhone Box Station

Turn your iPhone Box into iPhone Dock. All you need is some glue and a hole cut in the iPhone box. Glue the dock cable to the plate and mount your device onto a box.


9. iHome iConnect keyboard

A fancy keyboard from iHome with iPhone Docking Station. You can get it for $150.


10. The Bread Station

Another creative DIY Dock made from wheat bread. Yummy!


11. Cheese Dock

If bread can do the work, why not cheese? This one looks more delicious.


12. Philips HF3490 Light Alarm with iPhone Dock

An unique alarm clock with an iPhone dock that gradually increases the light in your room and uses sweet alarm sounds to gently awake you from sleep.


13. Paper iPhone Dock

You have seen it right. Even the thick A4 paper can work wonders.


14. iPhone Dock with Speaker & Hands-Free Mic

Make conference calls or listen to the music through the built-in 2-watt speakers – all while your iPhone is charging.


15. NewerTech Window Mount

A window mount for iPhone which uses “super” vacuum adhesion to hold your iPhone. The cradle is rotatable so the iPhone can be held in portrait or landscape mode.


So, which Docking Station you liked the most? Do you know of any other amazing Docking Station? Do let us know via the comments section below.

This was a guest post by Asad Mubeen. He is owner of TechGlint- Tech News and Tips Blog which is an emerging blog related to Apple, Google and Microsoft.

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