Firefox 6 Available for Download on Mozilla FTP

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Yet again Mozilla has managed to leak the code of their latest version of Firefox browser! Firefox 6 has been leaked on the web and is available for download right away!

Though the official release of the latest version of Firefox was supposed to happen tomorrow (Aug 16th 2011), the Register reports that the Mozilla’s FTP server has the downloadable for Windows, Linux & Mac, since August 13th.


Mozilla has adapted the fast release cycles which has proved successful for Google’s Chrome. Firefox 5 was released just a couple of months back and we already have information about Firefox 7 which is due later this year.

Firefox 6 doesn’t big any big changes to the UI, but promises a 20% improvement in speed. The fast iterations would mean lesser changes and hence seamless experience doe the users.

Download Firefox 6

If you are the impatient types who don’t wish to wait for the official announcement, go ahead and download Firefox 6 Final version right away from the Mozilla FTP server. Direct downloadable links are given below.

Download Firefox 6 for Windows

Download Firefox 6 for Linux

Download Firefox 6 for Mac

The post will be updated as and when the official links are announced tomorrow.

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  1. Firefox is pissing me off to the nth degree. I’m a person that has a set way of using FF add on’s I’m very picky and I’m not going to let FF dictate my browser by doing an upgrade every 2 months. FF can piss off I am going to use Chrome.

  2. WHY IS FF going BIPOLAR? I can’t AFFORD to pay for some of the add on’s I’m using right now because the economy SUCKS. I buy a lot of things ONLINE and I NEED A BROWSER I CAN TRUST AND I NEED A BROWSER THAT CAN HANDLE MY 300+ PASSWORDS I HAVE ON ROBOFORM AND THAT IS A TOOLBAR. IF FF IS SO ANTI TOOLBAR NOW THEY CAN FK OFF.