Firefox is a capable web browser. It’s clean, customizable, and includes plenty of useful features to offer a pleasant browsing experience. But that’s not all, as you can extend Firefox’s functionality further using extensions.

best firefox extensions

Extensions are tiny programs that live and run in the browser. Mozilla offers a range of extensions across different categories to elevate your browsing experience or help you do more in Firefox.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best Firefox extensions, along with instructions on installing an extension.

How to Install a Firefox Extension

Before we dive into the list, let’s first look at how to install a Firefox extension.

  1. Launch Firefox and head over to the Firefox add-ons page.
    firefox add-ons home screen
  2. Click the search bar in the upper-right corner and search for an extension.
  3. Select the right extension from the results to reveal all the details about the extension.
    viewing extension details on mozilla add-ons website
  4. Click the Add to Firefox button.
  5. Firefox will show you all the permissions the extension requires in a pop-up window.
  6. Hit the Add button to accept the permissions and add the extension.
    adding an extension to firefox

Once added, you can access the extension by clicking the extension button in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can also pin it to the menu bar for easy access. Click the pin icon next to an extension, and you’ll have it in your menu bar.

Best Firefox Extensions

Here are all the Firefox extensions you should install on your browser to get the most out of it in everyday use:

  1. uBlock Origin
  2. Tab Stash
  3. Dictionary Anywhere
  4. Turn Off the Lights
  5. Tranquility Reader
  6. Facebook Container
  7. DownThemAll
  8. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker
  9. Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy
  10. Grammarly for Firefox
  11. Bitwarden

uBlock Origin

ublock origin firefox extension

uBlock Origin is the first Firefox extension you must install in your browser. It’s essentially an ad-blocker that not only blocks ads but also helps you block scripts and cross-site requests to give you a non-intrusive and safer online browsing experience—all while consuming fewer resources (CPU and memory).

uBlock Origin uses several filter lists, such as EasyList, EasyPrivacy, and even its own, to achieve this. Plus, there are many more lists you can select to include if you want. All filter lists in uBlock are enabled by default, but you can configure them to set the blocking level as required.

Tab Stash

tab stash

If you need to reference many resources and, therefore, have to keep various websites open in your browser, Tab Stash can be a lifesaver.

It gives you a one-click solution for saving and organizing tabs in your browser. Once saved, all tabs are stashed away and stored as bookmarks. You can find them in the sidebar, add/remove new items to the group, or rename it. Later, when you need them again, you need to open the stash, and it’ll restore the tabs immediately.

Since Tab Stash stores your tabs as bookmarks, you can access them across different devices via Firefox Sync.

Dictionary Anywhere

dictionary anywhere

Dictionary Anywhere is a Firefox extension that puts a dictionary in your browser. It functions similarly to macOS’ Look Up functionality and is a must-have if you read a lot of content in Firefox.

Double-click on the word you want to know the meaning of, and Dictionary Anywhere will show a pop-up window with its definition. You can also listen to the word’s pronunciation in this window and click More to learn more about the word.

Dictionary Anywhere maintains a history of all your previously looked-up words. And if required, you can even download them.

Turn Off the Lights

turn off the lights extension

Turn Off the Lights is an extension that flips on the dark mode in websites to offer a more pleasant viewing experience at night. It supports all major websites, and you can use it while watching videos or reading content present on websites.

The extension is also customizable. And as such, it gives you various options, like eye protection, opacity adjuster, automatic switching, and more, to help you personalize your experience across different websites.

Tranquility Reader

tranquility reader

Tranquility Reader is another useful extension you must install on your browser if you read blogs or newsletters in Firefox. It’s somewhat similar to the reading mode feature available on many web browsers but with a few extra features.

Tranquility Reader removes distractions (ads, social media share widgets, etc.) from web pages to improve their readability, so you can better focus on the actual content. The extension also offers customization options for font family, font size, background, width, etc., which you can tweak according to your reading preference.

Other Tranquility Reader features include notes, annotations, save, and import/export.

Facebook Container

facebook container

Facebook is known for tracking user activities online. And it’s one of the reasons many people detest it. However, if you still need to use it, you can do so safely with Facebook Container.

Facebook Container isolates your Facebook identity into a separate container. As a result, any non-Facebook link/website you visit opens outside of the container to keep the activities isolated from Facebook.

Of course, this also means certain functionalities, like Facebook sign-ins, won’t work properly. But we feel it’s a fair trade-off for those who want a more private browsing experience.


downthemall firefox extension

DownThemAll is the best Firefox extension for you if you download a lot of files on your computer. It’s basically a download manager that speeds up queuing, sorting, and running downloads in Firefox.

One of the best features of DownThemAll is filters, which help you filter the types of files you want to download. You can even customize this behavior to suit your requirements, after which downloading files is as simple as clicking the extension button in the menu bar.

Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker

keepa amazon price tracker

If you frequently shop on Amazon, then the Keepa Firefox extension can help you save money. It’s essentially a price tracker that helps track the price history of different products, so you know for sure when a deal is actually worth it.

Additionally, Keepa also helps you track products. So if there’s a product on Amazon you’ve been eyeing for a while, you can set a price-drop alert for it in Keepa, and it’ll tell you when it’s available at a discounted price.

Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy

absolute enable right click & copy

Lately, many websites have started disabling right-click/context menu. Apparently, it’s to protect the content. As a result, if you try to copy some text on such websites, you’ll see an error message that suggests copying is disabled.

Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy disables such messages and re-enables the context menu to allow text copying and highlighting in Firefox. In addition, it also offers an absolute mode, which removes most kinds of protection on websites.

Grammarly for Firefox

grammarly for firefox

Grammarly is a writing assistant that checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation and also gives suggestions to improve your tone and communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly.

If you spend a lot of time replying to emails, writing scripts, or communicating with teams/clients, you definitely need the Grammarly for Firefox extension in your browser. No matter what website it is, Grammarly for Firefox gives you feedback to write better across all of them.

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bitwarden extension

A password manager simplifies generating and storing passwords for your online accounts. As such, it’s a must-have tool for all your devices as well as web browsers.

While there are various password managers you can choose from, based on your requirements, we feel Bitwarden is the best one to get started. It’s free and even has an extension for Firefox.

Using this extension, you can easily auto-fill log-in forms, generate passwords for new sign-ups, and add items to/access items from the vault.

Get More Out of Firefox With Extensions

Firefox is filled with several useful features. You can use these features and a few other tricks to supercharge your experience in Firefox. In addition, you can add the above extensions to Firefox to improve your browsing experience and get more out of it in everyday use.

Of course, these are just a small selection of extensions we’ve picked, and there are a ton of other extensions Mozilla offers to serve different needs and purposes.

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