A typical net-savvy user will have at-least two internet connections. A broadband connection at home and a 2G/3G/4G connection for smartphone/tablet. And not to forget the free (but slow) WiFi at the coffee shop or the ultra-fast ethernet connection at office. How cool it’d be to combine any (or all) of these connections to get a much faster and much more reliable internet connection? Well, that is exactly what the team at Connectify is trying to do.

Connectify Dispatch

Back in 2009, just when the Windows 7 was released, a simple to use PC WiFi hotspot software took the world by storm. That was Connectify. 3 years on, the team behind Connectify are working on the reverse use-case, with their software – Dispatch.

Dispatch is a new Kickstarter project which aims to combine all the available internet connections, be it the WiFi or ethernet or mobile broadband or even the dial-up connection into one super-fast wireless connection.


There is no restriction on how many different types of connections you can combine in one go. So if you are in an airport cafe, you can combine the airport’s free WiFi, cafe’s complimentary WiFi and your own 3G/4G mobile broadband for increased speed and reliability. What’s more? You can set different priorities for certain networks & also get access to detailed statistics and graphs via analytics dashboard.

Important things to note

  • As any other Kickstarter project, Dispatch is still a work-in-progress. Though they have the ideas ready, they still need to implement it successfully which should take a few months. But the good thing is the team has previously executed Connectify WiFi hotspot with stupendous success.
  • If you plan to combine multiple WiFi connections, you’d need additional WiFi cards or USB modems. Connectify is providing a free USB WiFi card for anyone pledging $100 or more on Kickstarter.
  • Dispatch is a PC-only software. But they plan to bring Dispatch for Mac if they can raise at-least $2 million on Kickstarter.

Check out Dispatch on Kickstarter.

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