The education of your kids is very important. Now, when they are little, you try to sculpt them in becoming the fine men and women that tomorrow will run our world. And, as any parent knows, what their child listens to and watches will greatly influence their development, and such, it is of the utmost importance that the little ones receive a proper education from when they’re little.

In the past, we have featured the best learning apps for kids, for both Android and iOS devices, and now we move on to look at some of the best learning websites for kids. These educational websites will help your child develop all kinds of skills, and they will also help them learn all they need to get a head start in school.


Top 8 learning and educative websites for kids

I remember when I was little, the Internet was something of a dream. I never thought I would ever have a computer. Nowadays, kids take for granted the marvels of the modern day: powerful computers that fit in the palm of your hand, smartphones that are much more powerful than my first computer. The Internet, which provides anyone with all the information they could think of, and where anything is only a few clicks away.

8. Lawrence Hall of Science

lawrence hall of science

Every science-loving child will be thrilled when entering this website. It contains all manner of science facts and activities that they could try, and from this, they will have much to learn. Another interesting feature of the website is the games section, where the little ones will find lots games and activities that will both entertain them and offer them information that they will later on use. I imagine that when I will have kids, this website will be the first thing I will show them on the Internet. Because it has such a wide variety of fun things to do, and because it has a very interesting and easy to use layout, I find it great for kids with “technical inclinations”.

7. Wonderopolis


“Why?” and “How?” – Face it, every parent has come to dread these questions. When kids come to the age when they start wondering about the world, websites like Wonderopolis are a godsend. This website offers a vast amount of information for kids and it tries to answer many of their questions. Although not as fun for smaller kids, the website does not have the ultra-colorful graphics, but still retains some childhood aspects in its design. The information itself is very well put together, and it’s pretty easily understood by kids. Also, it has interesting videos for kids to watch and learn a host of new things. Although it might not solve the “Why?” problem, it will, however, give some of the answers that they are looking for.

6. UpToTen


Playing games and doing diverse activities is something that all kids love. And UpToTen gives them exactly that. From coloring games to creating their own coloring books which you can print and let them color them, and other interesting games and activities, this website has them all. Also, I noticed that its layout and user interface is very accessible for children. Having large buttons, so they can access all the content is something that most websites do not provide, but UpToTen has these.

It’s obvious that the website was designed especially for children. One other aspects of the website is the fact that you can create a premium account for your kids, depending on their age, so you they can enjoy these fun games and features up to the time they go to school.

5. ABCya


Having trouble determining the type of website you should let your kids play on? Some websites have too complex games or too simple games, and so, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect one. If this is the case, then ABCya is what you are looking for. This website is designed for kids of all ages, and it’s easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. The website is structured on grades from 1st to 5th, a feature that lets you pick out the perfect games for your kids to enjoy. If your kids love the website, they can access the same features even from your smartphone or tablet, via the dedicated app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

4. FunBrain


If your little ones are in love with comics, then show them the FunBrain website! Here they will find some great comics and books to read, and when they get bored with reading, they will have at their disposal an extensive list of fun and educative games, all designed to give kids the perfect learning experience. The website’s appealing design and good choice of games make it a very effective tool for parents and a good learning experience for kids of all ages. Also, games are sorted in categories, so you can give your child themed games on the subjects they love the most.

3. PBS Kids

pbs kids

If learning games are what you are interested in, then PBS Kids is where you find them. It’s a well known fact that through games, kids discover lots of new information and build their database of facts and activities. PBS Kids offers a wide array of such games, very well organised in categories ranging from animals, to science or vocabulary and many more. The design of the website is very appealing for children, having brightly colored graphics and being very easy to use and navigate.

This makes the website easily accessible for children, so you can go about your day and not worry that they will wonder off to some other place (but just in case, you should check our top of the best parental control programs).

2. Discovery Kids

discovery kids

Discovery is one of my favorite TV channels! They have lots of interesting shows and very educative documentaries. And this aspect transcends to Discovery Kids, a perfect website for kids that want to learn more about the world around them, but also have some fun at the same time. Featuring lots of useful information and a wide assortment of educative games, parents around the world might want to check it out and use it with their kids.

The website offers a vast amount of information, it’s not that straightforward to find as others, so kids might need the help of their parents at first to find their way around the website. Apart from this tiny issue, I recommend Discovery Kids as one of the best learning websites for kids!

1. National Geographic Kids / National Geographic Little Kids

national geographic little kids

National Geographic Channel is a wonderful tool that kids from around the world will enjoy. It can provide a learning experience like no other and because it has not one, but two websites dedicated for children of different ages, we think that it deserves the number one spot in our top. Upon entering the sites, you and your children will find an assortment of videos, games interesting facts.

Also, because it is dedicated for kids, they both are very well designed, providing easy access to all areas of the site. The information is top notch quality and it comes in a form that is easy for kids to understand. Good work NG, thank you for thinking of the education of the youth!

You need to put a lot of thought in your child’s education, and even from an early age, you can use tools like those provided in this top to help and prepare them for the years to come. Their education begins much before they actually go to school, and this time should not be wasted, but instead, used to encourage them to learn different things and build knowledge. This websites provide great tools that appeal to children and they will consider them as games or cartoons, but they will learn from much from them.

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