Nokia was very optimistic this morning in Firenza Hall at Barcelona, and they have strong motives to act so. Right before Marko Ahtisari, the head of Nokia design revealed the Lumia 520 and 720 as a perfect wonder for mid-range markets, he talked about two other models, ones targeted for people with lower expectations and fewer needs. Known as the Nokia 105 and 301, these babies were described as being the first choice for those that do not own a phone yet or, they truly need a back-up.

While focusing on general experience, Nokia was keen to bringing a device that can be customized for the taste of each and every individual, and the 105 and 301 are a perfect example of this tactic. Simple to use, affordable and with a way of adding a personal touch.

Nokia 105 and 301 General View

Nokia 301

Nokia introduces elements of high end to price affordable devices that are both inspirational and easy to use for those not so tech-savvy. The first one to achieve such a thing is the Nokia 301, a product coming in five choices of color (syan, magenta, yellow, white and black) and with both single SIM and dual-SIM capabilities.

In a few words, the Nokia 301 is a high performing classic 3G phone which embeds features like mail for exchange, high quality voice capabilities with reduction for background noise and a modest camera experience, but great for this type of buck. The phone has the same express browser as Nokia ASHA and includes several quick links towards Wikipedia, YouTube and other services like that, which should upgrade the general experience for some.

Also, the Nokia 301 comes with a suite of pre-loaded applications, such as WhatsApp and Skype. Moreover, some of these titles even had dual-SIM support, which should optimize the experience for those that love to play on several teams.

When it comes to the camera, it is said that the Nokia 301 can take great pictures with its 3.1-megapixel shooter and a suite of special features, such as sequential shots, self portrait assistant, voice support and instant social-media upload. Speaking of uploads, they can be done through several classic methods, but also through the new Slam service, simply by touching one phone, to another.

nokia 105
Nokia 105

The second phone, known as the Nokia 105, is the direct successor of the 1280 and can be described in a single word: simplicity. Just like it’s sibling above, the Nokia 105 comes in a range of swappable colors, such as Cyan and Black, and it’s a great pick for those that do not have a phone yet or wish for a back-up. It has a simple menu with vivid, distinctive colors, and a body resilient to dust and other threatening factors. Moreover, it has a battery that can last 1 month approximately.

Nokia 105 will arrive this quarter in China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia and Europe, for €15, while the Nokia 301 is going to be served in the second quarter in over 120 countries from Asia, India, middle-East, Africa and Latin-America, for just €65.

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