The second place where we spend much of our time is in transit, and while some use public transportation, most of us use our personal cars to get around. This means that besides our homes, the car is the place where we spend a great deal of time. And if this is true, then why shouldn’t we customize our cars and make them smarter and better by adding car gadgets.

It’s true that more and more car manufacturers are adding some gadgets and other features that make our ride as comfortable as it can be, but a personal touch makes the car look and feel like a home away from home. Some gadgets can add to a car’s functionality or make it more suited to care for our needs, and today, we’ll take a look at some of the best car gadgets out there.

What car gadgets can you get


While some might think that adding gadgets to their car will turn it into something that should belong in the circus, the truth is that if you choose the gadgets with care and if you have good taste in electronics, you can make your car more like a 007’s Spy Car that had all those awesome gadgets (minus rockets or ejection seats).

Car gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and they have a big variety, ranging from DVD players to audio systems or charging docks for mobile devices. While all of these can significantly improve your car’s functionality and even looks, in terms of performance, you don’t get any improvement. However, there are some tools that will help you diagnose car problems, as you will soon see.

Some gadgets can impact your car’s look, by adding LEDs and other elements that only play a visual role. These might not be a viable solution for everyone, but they can still be used to customize one’s vehicle. We’ll be taking a look at these car gadgets and we’ll let you decide which one is best for you.

Other various gadgets come in the form of portable devices that can be used everywhere, not necessarily in your car, and some eve provide smartphone users with the possibility to connect their smartphones to their cars, giving them some extra features, like GPS tracking, mileage, speed or even remote control their car.

14 Car Gadgets to for smart driving


If you want to add some new tech to your car, then this list of car gadgets can give you a start. Due to the fact that a car is somewhat limited in its capabilities, your choice of gadgets might not be that diverse. However, there are a few gadgets that might come in handy.

Car MD

One of the best gadgets you can get for your car is a diagnosing tool that lets you know when something is wrong. This gadget works by checking the integrated systems of the car and showing you if all is working well or if something is wrong. You connect the device to your car via the standard 16-pin connector, while the car is stationary and the engine is off, and once you’ve heard the beeps, you turn on your car.

In a few seconds the Car MD will check your car and it will let you know if you are good to go, if something requires attention or if there are any components that are not working. If you want to check the data from the device, you can connect it to a computer and you will see exactly what is wrong, as well as how much will it cost you to replace the broken part.

Price – $120


Safety is a main concern when you drive, and more so, after you’ve had a drink. Knowing if your blood alcohol level is under the limit before you go behind the wheel is exactly what Breathometer is all about. This device connects to your smartphone via the audio jack and will communicate with the dedicated app to tell you what is your alcohol level.

Once you’ve connected the Breathometer to your phone, blow towards the area that tests your breath and in only a few seconds you will see your alcohol level on the screen of your smatphone. It’s very simple to use and thanks to its lighweight body, you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

Pricecurrently crowdfunding

Kensington Proximo

This GPS tracker is perfect for those who have a hard time finding their cars in a mall parking lot, or if you tend to forget your car keys everywhere you go. We’ve featured lots of other GPS trackers in the past, and as you see, they are great for many things. The Kensington Proximo connects to your iPhone and it lets you set up alarms and other notifications.

The device itself has speaker, so you can send an alarm from your iPhone if you want to find it, or you can view it on the map if you want. Also, you can find your iPhone by pressing the button on the device. This will send a alarm on the smartphone, so you can find it easily. It is a great gadget to use, and it can prove useful even outside the car.

Price – $60


If you’ve been driving for a long time, you might want a quick coffee to get you back into shape. Handpresso is a wonderful gadget that will come in handy many times. There are different models available, but if you want a simple car gadget, then there is a model that uses your car’s cigarette lighter to power the device, warming the water and making a fresh espresso on the go.

The gadget is great for those that drive for an extended period of time. As you know, it’s better to make stops and rest, so now, when you do this, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee as you rest. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to keep with you hot water, as the device heats it for you.

Price – 149 euros

Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi


Similar to the Car MD, the Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi is a diagnostics tool that extends its functionality to other areas. You can monitor your car’s mileage, speed or position, as well as set certain zones where the car is allowed to drive. This is an awesome tool for parents who want to keep an eye out for their kids, or for employers who don’t want their workers to burn their fuel around town.

It connects to the car’s standard 16-pin connector, and for users who have smartphones, they can also use these to remotely start the car and open or lock doors. As far as car gadgets go, the Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi is one of the best we’ve seen.

Price – $249

Other awesome Car Gadgets

  • The Dash Platform
  • Cobra iRadar
  • 7 Inch Touchscreen LCD with VGA
  • Car Equalizer Rear View Window Sticker
  • Steering Wheel Mount Bluetooth Caller ID Handsfree
  • 3.5w 18v Emergency Solar Battery Charger
  • Car Cigarette Lighter USB Charger
  • 600W RMS DC to AC Inverter
  • Car Emergency Tool – 4-in-One

All of these car gadgets will make your trips much more pleasurable and they will further extend the functionality of your car. Also, in some cases, they will make your commute safer, which is the number one priority for most.

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