Even though smoking is one of the biggest factors that increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke or blood pressure, as per some reports, one of four men from America still smokes. The stats aren’t too different for elsewhere in the world. Authorities are making huge efforts to reduce this dangerous vice that slowly kills so many people, but successful cases are still rare. In order to lend people a helping hand, we’ve compiled the best applications and services to help you quit smoking.

To quit smoking is one of the hardest things to do  (right alongside Internet addiction) because the substance contained by cigarettes, called Nicotine, is very addictive. While no medical interventions can be done remotely, developers have created special applications to boost your motivation with quotes, pictures, medical facts and counters for money and time that were saved by not smoking.

Try one of these Apps & Software and finally Quit Smoking


Choose another approach before thinking to get pills or different plasters that may not work and cost a lot. You are stronger than the addiction and you may find yourself in the position where you’ll see that this task is not as hard as it’s said. Rest assured that if you want to quit, you will manage to carry it off.

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach – Dare to Quit Smoking

livestrong myquit coach - dare to quit smoking

LIVESTRONG.COM MyQuit Coach is an especially designed application for people addicted to cigarettes. It was thoroughly revised by specialists on smoking cessation, nicotine addiction specialists, psychologists, cardiologists and internists. It offers a bunch of different features that will help you to stop smoking.

The application has a user-friendly and a very interactive interface through which users can choose to quit smoke at effective immediately or to personalize a plan to decrease nicotine intake over time. It allows to record daily consumption and even the money that were saved by not smoking.

Furthermore, users can upload pictures or different quotes that motivate them to drop out the smoking habit, such as a family photo or whatever helps them. The application also offers charts and a service of tracking the entire progress. All of these are rewarded with badges that can be directly uploaded to Facebook or Twitter so that friends and colleagues cheer you up in your quest of quitting smoking.

LIVESTRONG.COM is a site where users can maximize their potential and MyQuit Coach – Dare to Quit Smoking it’s not an exception, because this application helped and helps a lot of people. It can be downloaded in the version with ads which is free, or for $3.99 without them.

My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

my last cigarrete

My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit is an application that helps users to stay away from cigarettes. The original application was launched in 1999 and now it’s available on iOS devices after helping thousands of people to quit smoking. This powerful tool is the result of continuous researches into the effects of smoking.

The application offers a great number of different statistics and charts that will help the users furthermore. Information is updated in real time which is very important because all data will change in a second. Depending on the nicotine intake it calculates and offers statistics about the carbon monoxide in the blood stream, nicotine level and risks of a heart attack or lung cancer compared to the risks that were before.

Another interesting fact is that it offers a daily motivational picture, message, quote and medical fact which will keep you informed and motivated. In addition, it will count the money that were saved by not smoking, the time you have been clean and the number of cigarettes that were not smoked.

Download it from iTunes at a price of only $0.99.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation


Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation is a special application for smokers who want to quit their addiction. It can be used by a real smoker or by those who support a friend or loved one in their quest of quitting smoking. When installing the application, it will also add a widget on your smartphone’s background to keep all data in a disposable and handier place.

Both the widget and the application itself show important information for users, such as the date they started quitting smoking, the time that passed since then and the money / time that were saved. Your health is not neglected, because it shows statistics about the harmful chemicals that were eliminated since quitting and improvements of the body functions.

Do you have a craving often? It’s not a problem because developers created a special game, Craving Crusher Game that will occupy the time when you feel the need to smoke. If you continue the good work the application will give achievements which can be shared with friends over Facebook where they can encourage and motivate you more.

All in all, this is a useful application for all Android users that can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

Quit Smoking


Quit Smoking is a widget application which was made to gradually cease the dependency of smoking. It uses a special program which is continuously adjusting to your personal preferences, creating a pattern based on statistical data from other users.

Quit Smoking has three types of widgets: Standard, Tiny and Statistic. The Standard type is for users that have just begun this quest and it shows only relevant information: the time elapsed from the last smoke and a graphic with the number of recommended and smoked cigarettes in that particular day. The Tiny mode offers the same information but in a smaller widget.

The last type, Statistics, is for the users who’ve already quit smoking and shows different data than the other two, such as the number of days without smoking and the cigarettes that were “spared”. In addition, it shows the money that was not spent on buying packets of cigarettes which is a good thing, because it can motivate you greatly.

According to all these facts and to reviews and comments of other users, it seems that this application helped a lot of people get rid of this old habit. Those interested can get it free from the Google Play Store. The application is available in the following languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

QuitNow! – Quit smoking

quitnow! - quit smoking

QuitNow! – Quit smoking is an application that is the result of extensive researches in the field of smoking. It was created with the help of different specialists and it’s one of the most complete apps of its type, offering real-time status updates and a great number of different facts that will help users to quit smoking.

It offers information about the time that passed since the last cigarette, the number of cigars that were not smoked and the money and time that was saved. In addition, it shows health indicators provided by the UN’s World Health Organization regarding your progress and offers a customizable widget. Doing this, an achievement list will unlock and offer different badges, one by one, motivating users to stay without cigarettes and fulfill their goal.

The great thing about this application is that it offers a service where smokers can talk with people found in the same situation. Basically, users create their own profile and start chatting with others to get helpful tips or just to make friends. The awesome thing about this is that the community service is in 44 languages so you may find people from your own country. Also, it offers the possibility to share progress on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks.

QuitNow! – Quit smoking is a useful application for all users that want to quit smoking and that’s available on all of the major mobile platforms in a free or paid version depending on the features that are included in it. So, it can be used on Android (free or paid for $4.99), iOS (free or paid for $2.99), Blackberry (comes free and after 30 days it has to be bought for $0.99) and even as a Facebook application.

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten

quit smoking now with max kirsten

The last, but not the least, Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten is an award-winning application that was listed among the best in 2012. It has even helped film stars like Ewan McGregor to quit smoking and that’s why users will find exclusive video testimonials where he speaks about his struggle and the way the app helped him.

Who is Max Kirsten? Max Kirsten is a highly qualified hypnotherapist that became the ‘self-help’ expert in 2009 for The Times newspaper. Last year he brought his well know program “Quit Smoking Now” to mobile devices and already helped thousands of people in their quest of letting cigarettes away.

The package is structured in audio, video sessions, guides and e-books. All these files are very motivational making some users quit smoking in even an hour. Thanks to its experience, Max Kirsten created one of the best applications that users can download.

So if you need help to quit smoking, buy this application that costs a little more than the price of a packet of cigarettes, for your Android ($4.99) or iOS ($7.99) device.

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