Slack is a cloud-based software application that facilitates real-time messaging, file sharing, and group collaboration tools. Did you know that Slack has over 2000 integrations built right in? That means you can integrate Slack with almost any tool you use at work.

best slack integrations or apps
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Slack integrations are great for automating repetitive tasks and ensuring you don’t forget something important. They can also be used to connect multiple tools, integrate data from various sources, and create custom workflows. Slack integrations can be used for everything from customer support to marketing campaigns, and you find them for almost any type of business.

Slack integrations can help businesses increase collaboration and communication by allowing team members to talk directly to each other in real-time. This can help improve customer service by providing faster response times. It also allows teams to share information more easily between departments, which can improve overall efficiency.

How Do Slack Integrations Work?

In addition to its basic features, Slack has integrations, including Slack apps, bots, and tools, that allow you to connect third-party apps and services to Slack. With integrations, you can easily communicate with each other and share information across different platforms. For example, you can use them to automate things like sending reminders, setting up meetings, and even defining real-world bonuses and automated rewards.

How to Add Integrations to Slack

By default, any member of a workspace can add apps to Slack, but owners and admins can restrict this privilege. Once an app is added to your workspace, you and the other workspace members must connect your respective accounts as part of the installation process before you start using it.

Slack has its own app directory, but you can also integrate other apps offered by third-party developers. Keep in mind that the free version of Slack only lets you add up to ten apps and tools to your workspaces. To get unlimited access to integrations and other features, you need to sign up for one of Slack’s paid subscription plans.

To install an app from the Slack app directory, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your workspace in Slack. Click Browse Apps (vertical three-dots symbol) on the left side, then select Apps.
  2. You can search for an app on this page if you already know what you want to install. To see all available apps, click on App Directory in the top right corner.
  3. On the app page, click Add to Slack. You’ll be prompted for access permissions. Click Allow. This will bring you to the account sign-in page.
  4. After signing in, the app will be connected to your workspace and appear on the left side. You’ll also get a message telling you what app alerts and commands are available.

To connect an external integration that isn’t built into Slack, you can visit the app page, sign up with your Slack account, and give access permissions to connect it to your workspace.

I. Best Slack Integrations for Marketing and Sales Teams

1. HubSpot 

best slack integration remote teams - hubspot

HubSpot is a leading marketing automation software that helps businesses build, automate, and measure their marketing campaigns. It offers a suite of tools designed to help businesses with lead generation, customer engagement, sales enablement, and content creation. Its flagship product, HubSpot CRM, helps salespeople close deals faster.

Key Features:

  • Create a task in HubSpot to follow up on leads.
  • Automatically sync tasks and tickets with your HubSpot CRM.
  • Create a deal-based workflow that sends notifications to a specific Slack channel.
  • Leave or tweak a note on a company record for the account Slack Channel.
  • Share your HubSpot reports and dashboards with your Slack channel.
You must be a super admin or have access to the App Marketplace in your HubSpot account, and your HubSpot email must match your Slack email.

HubSpot – Slack Integration & Pricing

The integration is free to use for HubSpot users. Follow the steps below to activate Slack integration from your Hubspot account:

  1. Click the Marketplace icon in the main navigation menu of your HubSpot account, then click App Marketplace.
  2. Look for the Slack integration and select Slack from the results.
  3. Click Connect app in the top right to be redirected to Slack in a new browser tab. You’ll be redirected to HubSpot after approving the access permissions.

2. Platformly 

best slack integrations for sales teams - platformly

Platformly is a marketing automation tool that enables you to manage, automate, and grow your business. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to capture, track, and convert leads, try Platformly. It offers lead capture, analytics, business dashboards, CRM, tracking, marketing automation, and much more. Also, you can get a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Key Features:

  • It can be connected to multiple Slack workspaces and channels.
  • Create and view a new contact or deal right from your Slack channel.
  • Send out periodic notifications to your team members.
  • Track project emails, sales, tracking, and funnel data.

Platformly – Slack Integration & Pricing

A free 15-day trial is available for new users. To get the free integration, you must buy one of Platformly’s paid packages. Platformly integration can be added directly from Slack by visiting the App Directory. Otherwise, sign in to your Platformly account and click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. Then go to Integrations > Other and select Slack.

3. ActiveCampaign

activecampaign slack integration

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool that focuses on email marketing, marketing automation, transactional email, CRM, and sales automation. You can automate emails, leverage its comprehensive CRM platform to organize client data, and generate fresh and timely sales pitches.

Key Features:

  • Keep track of subscribers and created or modified deals.
  • Automated ticket notifications help support teams swiftly handle customer concerns.
  • Slack alerts for customer issues like receiving a quotation, redeeming a promo code, etc.

ActiveCampaign – Slack Integration & Pricing

To gain access to over 800 integrations, including Slack, ActiveCampaign requires a paid membership. The ActiveCampaign Bot and the CXA integration can be downloaded from the App directory or the ActiveCampaign website.

4. Mailshake

best slack integrations - mailshake

Mailshake is a sales engagement tool that makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to send out automated, personalized emails. Choose from the AI-driven cold email drafts, measure engagement, and schedule tasks to connect with prospects through phone and social media – all from one dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Get notified whenever a new lead shows up in Mailshake.
  • Manage lead status, pause or unsubscribe Mailshake contacts.
  • Change the lead’s status in Slack to move them into another Mailshake campaign.
  • Get Mailshake responses in a Slack channel.

Mailshake – Slack Integration & Pricing

To start using the integrations, you need to sign up for Mailshake’s Email Outreach or Sales Engagement plans. Mailshake integrates natively with Slack, so you can simply download it from the Slack app directory.

5. SignOff

slack integration for marketing teams - signoff

Are you tired of chasing stakeholders for feedback and approval on your marketing campaigns? As the name suggests, SignOff is a one-stop solution on Slack that lets people work together remotely and get sign-off with reliability and trust – with stakeholders, campaign information, and results all in one place.

Key Features:

  • Add campaign information such as dates, budget, and so on.
  • Assign your team members to review your campaign, provide feedback, and get people to approve it.
  • Launch campaigns and share results with your team.
  • Look at all of your company’s campaigns and the results.

SignOff – Slack Integration & Pricing

It offers a free trial and up to four premium subscriptions based on your budget and requirements. It’s available natively in the Slack app directory.

II. Best Slack Project Management Integrations

1. Monday 

slack integrations and bots - monday’s centralized team management tool allows you to design and oversee your team’s work processes. With Monday, you can have your teams take care of every part of their work, from planning the roadmap to the details of their day-to-day activities.

Key Features:

  • Get alerts from on Slack.
  • Track changes in real-time to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Create items and updates directly from Slack.
  • Mention active teammates in a channel to alert just those online.

Monday – Slack Integration & Pricing

Automation and integrations are only accessible on Monday’s Standard plan and higher, and each plan has an “action” limit. Go to the Automations and Integrations Pricing page to find out more about different plans and actions.

2. Asana 

best slack integration apps free - asana

With the Asana app for Slack, you can better manage your workflow and transform Slack discussions into manageable tasks. You can add projects to channels, create new tasks from messages in your workspace, and receive updates on Asana projects — all without ever leaving Slack.

Key Features

  • Add a new task to an ongoing project or assign it to a coworker.
  • View data from Asana such as projects, tasks, milestones, and more.
  • With Rules, send a Slack message depending on an Asana trigger.
  • Receive notifications when a task is created, finished, or commented on.

Asana – Slack Integration & Pricing

Asana is one of the best free Slack apps, with the Basic package including Slack and 100+ other integrations. Sign up for Slack and Asana, then download the app from the Slack directory.

III. Best Slack Integrations for Freelancers

1. Paymo 

best slack integrations project management - paymo

Designed for creative teams and freelancers, Paymo integrates task management, planning, scheduling, time tracking, and billing into one platform to improve collaboration. Slack’s Paymo integration simplifies time tracking, commenting, and tasking.

Key Features:

  • Create a Paymo task and receive Paymo task alerts in Slack.
  • Link a project to a channel to upload files from the channel to the project.
  • Show detailed information about recent tasks and take action on them.
  • Start, stop, resume, and display timer information.

Paymo – Slack Integration & Pricing

Paymo – Slack integration requires a 15-day trial or paid Paymo account. To begin using the app, simply authorize it from the Slack app directory.

2. ZipBooks

best slack integrations free - zipbooks

Zipbooks is a simple accounting app that automates many time-consuming aspects of managing your finances as a freelancer. You get a number of smart insights and reports that can help you keep your best clients, get paid faster, and see how you stack up against your competitors.

Key Features:

  • View your income statement with revenue, expenses, and net income.
  • Get a list of unpaid invoices and the amounts owed.
  • Start, stop, and check the status of Zipbooks time logs.

Zipbooks – Slack Integration & Pricing

The free Zipbooks Starter plan lets you connect to Slack, but you need a paid plan to add and collaborate with team members. Add the app to your Slack workspace from the app directory.

3. Freework

best slack integrations free - freework

With Freework, freelancers can streamline their daily workflow with solutions such as invoicing and payment, time tracking, timesheet calibration, and client management. You can integrate Freework with tools such as Slack, Jira, Notion, or Trello for your daily work.

Key Features:

  • Add, track, and view tasks, projects, and clients from the dashboard.
  • Get total invoices by year and state, reminders, and team performance.
  • Record time spent on tasks, projects, or clients on timesheets.
  • Team collaboration in real-time (only in paid plans)

Freework – Slack Integration & Pricing

The Freework free Personal plan includes Slack integration, but you must upgrade to a paid plan to add team members.

IV. Best Slack Integrations for Developers

1. Bubble

You can integrate the Slack API into your web app using Bubble’s latest Slack plugin without writing any code. Bubble can create anything from a custom Slack bot to an internal team chat tool that integrates with your Slack workspace.

Key Features:

  • Create a custom bot that can post to channels using Bubble workflows.
  • Create Slack reminders for your app users.
  • Include team members in Slack channels.
  • Send messages from your app to a Slack channel or teammate.

Bubble – Slack Integration & Pricing

Each Bubble plan includes the app editor, workflow system, and third-party services like Slack. Slack integration requires a free Bubble account registration.

2. Grafana OnCall

best slack apps - grafona

Grafana OnCall is an incident response tool designed to enhance communication between DevOps and software teams and speed up incident resolution. Thanks to an easy-to-use API, you can quickly create and manage on-call schedules and automate escalations with a developer-first workflow.

Key Features

  • Acknowledge, resolve, and add resolution notes.
  • Set up Escalation Chains to send alerts in Grafana OnCall via Slack messages.
  • Automated on-call alerts to inform individuals and teams of their on-call shifts.

Grafana OnCall – Slack Integration & Pricing

You need admin access to both the Slack workspace you want to integrate with and your Grafana instance in order to install the Slack integration. Verify that all users’ Slack accounts are verified in their Grafana OnCall user info.

Follow these steps to install Slack for Grafana OnCall:

  1. Pick Slack from the side menu of the ChatOps tab in Grafana OnCall.
  2. Select “Install Slack integration” to redirect to the Slack website.
  3. Enter your Slack workplace URL and login credentials.
  4. Click Allow granting Grafana OnCall access to your Slack workspace.

3. Cronitor

best slack apps - cronitor

Cronitor’s incident management platform lets you have important conversations with your customers and internal teams. Cronitor offers safe, real-time monitoring and alerting for the event pipelines and scheduled processes that drive data-driven organizations.

Key Features:

  • Check cron jobs, daemons, microservices, and more.
  • Real-time dashboard tracks scheduled tasks and services.
  • Send failure alerts to the right team members.
  • Pause alerts and view alert history without leaving Slack.

Cronitor – Slack Integration & Pricing

Cronitor’s free Hacker plan includes Email and Slack alerts. To begin receiving alerts, download the free Slack app from the native directory and sign up for a free Cronitor account.

V. Best Slack Integration for Communication

1. SignalZen

- signalzen

SignalZen is a live chat solution for websites that lets you talk to people who visit your site right from Slack. You can choose between two types of integrations and improve your customer service by using Slack to communicate with your teammates and clients at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Close your chats and check your live chat data.
  • Get  reminders to join a chat that is waiting for your response.
  • Use private Noisy chat channels and the Assign button to assign colleagues.
  • Use Slack’s search to find threads or channel links matching your query.

SignalZen – Slack Integration & Pricing

The Slack integration is available with a free 30-day trial or with paid SignalZen plans. Sign in and then install the app from the native Slack app directory or the SignalZen website.

2. Sunshine Conversations

sunshine conversations

With Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, you can talk to your customers, and your whole team can handle all customer communication from Slack. Any team member can join a customer-specific channel by clicking the link in the dispatch channel. You can talk freely with a teammate on a conversation channel.

Key Features:

  • Receive notifications when a user contacts you for help.
  • Use Slack to communicate and collaborate with your teammates.
  • Archive and manage conversation channels.
  • Your replies are sent instantly to the user’s phone as text messages.

Sunshine Conversations – Slack Integration & Pricing

Sunshine Conversations’ 14-day free trial includes slack integration, or you can buy a paid plan. You need a Sunshine Conversations account to add the app to Slack through the Slack app directory.

VI. Best Slack Integrations for HR Teams

1. Lucky Carrot 

best slack integrations - lucky carrot

Lucky Carrot is a tool for peer recognition and employee engagement that aims to enhance workplace culture through peer-to-peer recognition. With the integration of lucky carrots into your workflow, you can quickly receive and send them to your team members from Slack.

Key Features

  • Give your team members kudos and praise on Slack.
  • Use surveys to hear what your employees have to say.
  • Get insights to boost employee engagement.

Lucky Carrot – Slack Integration & Pricing

There’s no Slack integration with Lucky Carrot’s free version. Integrations are part of its Enterprise plan with a 45-day free trial.

2. CharlieHR 

charlie hr

CharlieHR is the HR management tool used by teams to track team members, including time off requests, onboarding of new team members, important dates, birthday reminders, and more. Charlie sends a daily summary of what’s happening in your business to Slack so that you’re always in the know.

Key Features:

  • Receive notifications of absences, illness, important dates, and birthday reminders.
  • Create business event reminders (probations, performance reviews, etc).
  • Keep track of daily schedule and absences.

CharlieHR – Slack Integration & Pricing

A 14-day free trial or paid plan to CharlieHR or HR Advice is required to integrate with Slack. Sign up for an account, then download it from the Slack app store.

3. Rippling


Rippling can facilitate employee onboarding and management, particularly for remote teams. Rippling automates mundane tasks like payroll, benefits, employee engagement, and time monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Use Rippling’s Workflow Automator to trigger the absence status of an employee.
  • Automatically create and delete user accounts for new and departing employees.
  • Auto-assign employees to Slack groups and configure groups.

Rippling – Slack Integration & Pricing

The Rippling integration is only available to Slack users on the Business+ plan or higher. You can integrate Slack from the Rippling app shop on its website.

VII. Best Slack Integrations for Remote Teams

1. Hugo

- hugo

Hugo is a unified platform that facilitates remote meetings and enables async collaboration by sharing tasks and notes in Slack. Hugo combines calendars, records, and tasks to make sharing meeting agendas and collaborating in real-time easy.

Key Features:

  • Send meeting docs to channels and group messages to update teammates.
  • Create unique Slack channels according to each meeting template.
  • Slack alerts you to upcoming meetings, due tasks, and meeting mentions.

Hugo – Slack Integration & Pricing

Hugo’s free Basic plan comes with Slack and 5+ other integrations. Sign up for an account with Hugo and Slack to get started.

2. Quip

best slack integrations - quip

Quip, a suite for team productivity by Salesforce, integrates documents, spreadsheets, and to-do lists with Slack to keep your remote team productive and happy.

Key Features:

  • Create a Quip document to discuss and plan work.
  • Get notified of changes to your Quip docs.
  • View sneak peeks of what your team accomplished.

Quip – Slack Integration & Pricing

Quip is free for individual use, but a paid subscription is required for unlimited Slack integration features and work collaboration.

3. Bardeen

best slack apps - bardeen

Bardeen automates repetitive tasks without needing code. You can automatically send messages when an event occurs in another app or use a Slack message to trigger automated tasks.

Key Features:

  • Use conditional filters to power complex workflows, like scheduling a Zoom meeting or Google Meet for a specific duration.
  • Trigger data sharing between apps using audiobooks.
  • Start meetings, display notifications, and get current page details.

Bardeen – Slack Integration & Pricing

Bardeen is currently a completely free Slack app, with integrations to Slack and 30+ other services. Add the Bardeen extension on Chrome. Click on it to create an account, and you’ll be taken to a website where you can connect to Slack.

How do Slack apps and integrations benefit you?

1. Improved collaboration

The best Slack apps and integrations provide enhanced collaboration by allowing teams to communicate more easily. They make it easier for team members to share files, messages, and ideas with each other. This increased communication can help teams work more efficiently and productively. It’s easy to get started and integrates with many popular applications, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and GitHub.

2. Functional improvements

Slack applications and integrations offer a range of additional functionality that can improve your workflow. With the right apps and integrations, you can manage tasks, projects, and team members more efficiently.

3. Simple to use

The best Slack apps and integrations are designed with ease of use in mind. They’re simple to use, intuitive, and fast. Plus, they integrate smoothly with the rest of your team’s messaging platform – so you never have to worry about losing track of conversations.

4. Integrated management system

Integrated management processes can improve efficiency by consolidating tasks into one system. For example, an integrated sales process may allow sales reps to easily track their progress and statistics across channels such as email, CRM, and chatbots. This information can help them make better decisions about their marketing spending and allocate resources more effectively.

5. Efficiency in terms of Cost

There are a variety of reasons why using the best Slack apps & integrations can be cost-effective for businesses. By integrating with the right Slack apps, businesses can save time and money on communication tasks related to workflows and team collaboration. For example, if a business uses Zoom for video conferencing, they can automatically send meeting recordings directly to Zoom’s cloud storage account without having to upload them first. Salesforce’s Chatter integration allows companies to instantly chat with customers in Salesforce via a dedicated channel in Slack.

Communicate Better Together With Slack Integrations

The best thing about Slack integrations is that they are completely customizable, allowing your remote teams to collaborate more effectively in this async world. Slack keeps everyone connected, whether you’re working remotely or in the office, via channels, direct messages, and threaded conversations. Slack integrates with hundreds of apps and services, allowing you to stay productive and organized no matter where you go.

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