The US technology giant Microsoft will be unveiling Windows 9, the next iteration of the Windows 8 operating system on September 30th, The Verge reports. The company will be releasing a technical preview of the Windows 9, codenamed Windows Threshold at the event.


Windows 9 is slated to bring several new features alongside removing some of the Windows 8 components. For instance, several reports suggest that the Charms bar available in Windows 8 will not be included in Windows 9, while a mini Start Menu — which the company decided to not include in Windows 8 through Windows 8.1 August Update will be added in the new operating system.

There are also reports that suggest that the company will be adding Cortana, the voice assistant service presently available on Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone to the desktop operating system as well. Though, at this point it is not known if the company will have this feature included in the technical preview.

Microsoft Research recently made available few videos that showed how the company was working on Cortana for the Windows 8. Here’s a glimpse of that.

Windows 8 Woes

With Windows 8, Microsoft took a big step forward in the desktop operating space. Windows 8 was the first operating system of its kind to embrace the touch support. However, many critics found that the company may have put way too emphasis on the touch screen that it sort of neglected the traditional keyboard and mouse users.

The company has since improved the experience for keyboard and mouse users (with Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update), however the operating system is yet to gain the traction Microsoft would be hoping from the consumers.

To give you an idea of how much Windows 8 has failed to lure in customers, it’s been 2 years since the operating system has been out, but the leading PC manufacturers like HP are still urging users to get laptops with Windows 7 on them.

Windows 7 rules 50% of all the desktop computers

One of the biggest challenges in front of Microsoft is to get people switch from Windows 7.  The 6-year old operating system is being used by over 50% of all desktop users, according to stats from Net Market Share from last month.

It should be noted that Microsoft could decide to move the date, or have a few features — like Cortana not available in the technical preview. The final version of Windows 9 is slated to come next year.

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