lenovo selfie taking accessory

If the just announced Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro with two 13-MP cameras isn’t enough to satisfy your selfie-taking passion, you need to have a quick look at the Lenovo Xtension Selfie accessory, as well. The new accessory is a pocket-sized flash that plugs into the audio jack, thus allowing the user a quick way to create ideal lighting and shutter sync.

Thus, by using this little ingenious gadget, its owners will be able to take natural-looking pictures at a great quality. The Selfie lenovo selfie taking accessory ces 2015Flash works by using 8 diffused LEDs to supplement available light for natural color tones, and it can do so even in low light condition.

The flash is rechargeable and can take up to 100 selfies in a single charge. The LEDs are embedded in a round metal casing with a single button on the back that let you take selfies. The device works with any Android device by simply plugging it into the headphone jack. Despite its name, the Selfie Flash doesn’t actually flash but emits a steady light when you press the button.

For the time being, the accessory won’t be sold in the US, but will be made available on Lenovo’s website this spring. The selfie flash is priced at $29 and has been intended for Vibe X2 Pro buyers, but I feel that it will have success with owners of other devices, as well.

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