There were smartphones, then tablets and now wearables. And if you ask me, the next step is to revolutionize our cars and make them smarter, too. Of course, there is already good number of such vehicles out there, but we’re still a long way to go until the majority of them will be smart.

After all, our car should be the biggest gadget that we have, right? Then it only makes sense for it to be smart, too. But until the car-makers themselves take the next step, it’s the smart engineers out there who come up with various ideas.


Carvi is one of them, a smart driving assistant made from a smart dashboard camera and your own smartphone. The device uses vision based safety features to gather data from your smartphone and a single lens camera that’s installed on the car. Thus, by using the cameras, Carvi can sense potential trouble, giving visual and audio alerts.

Carvi monitors safe lane changes, keeping an eye on your position in the lane and the location of the car ahead. It also monitors your distance from the driver in front of you and warns if you come too close. The device learns your driving patterns and helps you adjust and also helps you learn to give your car just enough gas for efficiently adjusting into the flow of traffic.

Throughout the smartphone app, Carvi also displays your driving data and gives you suggestions on how to improve your driving skills. You can get one Carvi unit for as low as $279, but there are just units available at this price; after this expires, you will be able to get it for $299. If you are in luck and you’re driving an expensive car, you probably won’t need this, but you have an old car, this can prove to be really helpful.

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